Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Continuity mistake: Jane is back at the dinner table after supposedly recovering from her illness. In the wide shot of the room, Mrs. Bennet says "I know of no-one who is coming." Mr Bennet at the other end of the table is sitting back, hands off the table. But, he answers in a close-up, where he is buttering his toast. (00:32:35)


Continuity mistake: Mr. Collins asks which daughter made dinner. Bennet responds that his daughters were trained for battle, not the kitchen. Charles Dance lifts the glass before the editing cut, but in the next shot, the glass is nowhere in sight. (00:33:30)


Factual error: A bullhorn can be heard in the background off-screen during a battle with the zombies, even though the movie takes place during Victorian times. (01:19:30)


Parson Collins: I will, of course, require you to retire your warrior skills as part of the marital submission. We absolutely can't have swords in the home.

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