Best thriller movie continuity mistakes of 2014

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Rage picture

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning Nicolas Cage is picking up his daughter. You see him standing outside his black Cadillac as she walks up. As they drive away we get an overhead view of the car driving away. If you look at the emblem on the trunk you can see it's an Infinity. The next time we see his car and throughout the rest of the movie it is the black Cadillac again. (00:01:15 - 00:01:55)

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Unfriended pictureUnfriended mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Blair asks Mitch "why aren't you answering me?" he says he got a weird message from Laura Barns. Blair replies "that's not funny" and Mitch replies "I'm serious." Then Blair gets a message from Laura, and when she switches back to Mitch's conversation, the last two entries, "that's not funny" and "I'm serious" have disappeared. (00:10:50 - 00:12:30)

Mike Walker
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The Expendables 3 picture

Continuity mistake: When Ross and Galgo are in the plane taxiing to the runway (with propellers rotating), and see Ross' former team members standing in the way, the propellers are standing still. Seconds later, the propellers can be heard rotating again. (01:21:30)

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Gone Girl picture

Continuity mistake: Some scenes were shot after Rosamund Pike had gained some weight, following the plot of the book correctly. However, they were edited together very badly, so that the extra pounds (most visible on her face) come and go several times during the montage showing what she did during the first two days of her "kidnapping." Pasty face with puffy cheeks, and sleek face with taut skin over jutting cheekbones switch back and forth in what amounts to a matter of hours in the film's plot.

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The November Man picture

Continuity mistake: Federov is pointing a Wather at a kneeling Mira. In the next shot his gun switches to a Sig-Sauer and then back to a Walther. (01:12:55)

John g Roberts
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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ava shoots Damien, she has no bra under her sheer nightgown in one shot and then has one when she goes to the window in the next.

Jedd Jong
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Into the Storm picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they're leaving the school, there are a ton of cars behind them on the highway and then all the cars just disappear.

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones picture

Continuity mistake: The girl that Jesse brought into the house, Penelope, was wearing a blue skirt with leggings when they arrived at the house. However when she walks around the corner to take off her shirt she comes back with just black leggings on.

Mikaela Rodriguez
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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes picture

Continuity mistake: At the Dam Hydro Plant Caesar throws Koba on his back and pummels him. Then they roll once to the right, which now puts Koba on top of Caesar. Yet a quick-cut to their faces shows they kept Caesar on top, still pummeling Koba.

tedloveslisa Premium member
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Cold in July picture

Continuity mistake: Ben shoots the last bottle used as a target on top of the red drum. After that, he reloads his gun while chatting with his two partners, and magically, multiple jars and bottles appear on top of the drum so he can continue practising. (01:18:25)

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Sharknado 2: The Second One picture

Continuity mistake: When the 7 train comes to an emergency stop, the tiled wall beside the tracks read Grand Central, but on the platform the pillars read 96 Street.

Super Grover Premium member
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The Imitation Game picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when Alan comes out to Joan, there are a number of shots over his right shoulder. On the back of his jacket is a piece of lint that appears and disappears from shot to shot.

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John Wick picture

Continuity mistake: When John first meets Marcus in the cemetery, John's umbrella changes from a standard 8 rib when lowering the coffin, then a 22 rib close up, then back to 8 ribs in a far shot of the two men shaking hands. (00:04:15 - 00:05:45)

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The Equalizer picture

Continuity mistake: When the guy robs the cashier at the store where he works, the guy leaves the store and there is a car waiting by the curb. He gets into the passenger side and you see the car drive off. But when it shows the back view of the car as it is driving away, there is only the driver and no passenger.

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Deliver Us from Evil picture

Continuity mistake: At the end when Sarchie is hugging his wife, in one shot the bandage on his arm has unravelled. In the next, it is neatly wrapped.

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The Prince picture

Continuity mistake: When Paul steals the Camaro, he pulls wires out from under the dash to hot wire it. But after he gets his daughter he suddenly has keys.

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Reclaim picture

Continuity mistake: During the car chase, the white jeep goes from damaged to undamaged between shots. (01:08:00 - 01:09:00)

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Nightcrawler picture

Continuity mistake: After the scene at the petrol station where we see Louis' new car, there's a high shot of him pulling up to a traffic light, with a car on the right of the screen about to pull alongside him. We cut to a shot inside looking out of the left window, so we should see that other car come into view, but it just vanishes.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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White Bird in a Blizzard picture

Continuity mistake: When Kat is asking the detective what he thinks happened to her mother, after Kat is in college and she visits home, the detective lights a cigarette. We see him move the cigarette out of view and when he brings it back there is barely 3 or 4 drags left. The camera cuts to Kat and back at the detective and there's over half of the cigarette left now.

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In the Blood picture

Continuity mistake: Treat Williams is drinking a brown liquid from a glass (scotch?) while accusing Gina Carano of having something to do with his son's disappearance. Shortly afterwards, the liquid is a different color and the glass is much more full. (00:41:40 - 00:42:40)

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