Rage (2014)

3 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the very beginning Nicolas Cage is picking up his daughter. You see him standing outside his black Cadillac as she walks up. As they drive away we get an overhead view of the car driving away. If you look at the emblem on the trunk you can see it's an Infinity. The next time we see his car and throughout the rest of the movie it is the black Cadillac again.


Continuity mistake: Nicholas Cage is sitting in the back of a SUV, and announces to his two colleagues who are sitting in the front that he can deal with this alone. You see him reach for the door to get out, then the camera switches to an outside shot of him getting out of the vehicle, and the two front seats are now unoccupied .

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Stuart Gregory

Factual error: When they torch the car by the docks, supposed to be about 15 years in the past, there is a US Navy Independence-class ship in the background, but the first of these was only launched in 2008, at least 9 years after the scene was supposed to depict.


Josh Baumgartner



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