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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules picture

Other mistake: When Greg is looking at the video of Rowley sitting on the foil ball, he notices it has only 4 views on YouTube. However, if you look closely, it has 24,963 comments - impossible if it's only been viewed 4 times.

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Arthur Christmas picture

Other mistake: Grand-Santa has made 70 missions, and Santa (Malcolm) has just completed his 70th mission, totaling 140 years. Yet Grand-Santa is only 136 years old.

Liang Jun Tseng
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Take Me Home Tonight picture

Other mistake: No self-respecting radio station would air the uncensored version of "Straight Outta Compton".

Brad Premium member
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Rango picture

Other mistake: When Rango is loading his revolver during the stand-off, he loads the bullets on the right of the revolver, however, the chamber is hanging from the left of the revolver.

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Cars 2 picture

Other mistake: In London, the red telephone boxes seen are human-sized, so it is impossible for them to be big enough for the cars to even get into.

Paul Thomas Backes
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Midnight in Paris picture

Other mistake: When Gil is walking by the banks of the river, watch the left side of the bridge ahead and you'll see a crowd watching the filming.

Sacha Premium member
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Paul picture

Other mistake: When Graeme is convincing Ruth to go with them and she says "Where would I sleep?", you can see her left eyeball through the dark lens: it moves as she looks to her right twice and then back. In the next scene, it is shown that she doesn't have a visible eyeball in her left eye. (00:45:05)

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Mr. Popper's Penguins picture

Other mistake: A letter from Popper's father falls unnoticed beneath a cabinet. For several days the room is covered with snow to accommodate the penguins. After the snow is removed, Popper discovers the letter but the envelope is not damp, waterlogged or damaged in any way.

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Gnomeo & Juliet picture

Other mistake: To get revenge against the reds for chopping off his hat, Benny goes inside the house to use the computer to change the woman's lawn mower order. Benny never hits the 'ENTER' key to complete things. Things are completed when he steps on the 'SPACEBAR'. Same thing happens later when Benny is ordering a female flamingo.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love picture

Other mistake: Jacob takes Cal shopping. In the shot during which Jacob says to Cal "the skin under your eyes is starting to look like Hugh Hefner's ball sack," the film is flipped and the viewer is watching a reverse (or mirror) image. This is revealed principally by the fact that the emblem on Cal's Polo shirt is on the right side of his chest as opposed to his left.

JW Pepper
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Hop picture

Other mistake: When EB is playing Rock Band, the TV shows the drum playing rapidly, but EB is playing the same beat he was before the solo.

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Jumping the Broom picture

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when Sabrina's reading the note from Pam, the note's first two lines say "I'm sorry. I just wanted what was best for my son." The voice over says "I'm sorry. I was wrong."

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No Strings Attached picture

Other mistake: When Adam picks up Emma and is leaning against his car, he pulls a "bouquet" of carrots from behind his back, but just prior he had nothing in his hands.

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Attack the Block picture

Other mistake: In the scene where they are all running down the stairs of the tower and going into their houses to get their weapons, Moses goes to the lowest floor of them all. Near the end of the film Moses tells Sam to go one floor down to go to his flat which can't be right as he went several floors down to his flat earlier.

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Tower Heist picture

Other mistake: When removing the car from the penthouse the guys decide to use the crane portion of the window cleaner's lift. The basket disappears without trace, what did they supposedly do with it?

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Goon picture

Other mistake: During the montage for Ross Rhea, there's a clip on the teleprompter showing Ross fighting multiple members of the other team. In the clip, Ross is shown playing for the St. John's Shamrocks and fighting members of the Qu├ębec team, but the score ticker at the top of the screen shows the score "MTL 5 BOS 2", two teams in another league that have nothing to do with the game being played. (01:01:10)

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Bridesmaids picture

Other mistake: The wedding is officiated in Illinois but the cop car is from Wisconsin.

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