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Continuity mistake: After Slide locks Josh's boss in the master bedroom closet within Mr. Fitzhugh's ex-apartment, he turns on the boombox at a high volume. Then later in the film, when they are retrieving the car through the window of the same apartment, the music is off. Then later, Josh's boss is seen trying to get out of the closet and the music is back on. (01:08:20 - 01:19:55)

Factual error: As an attorney, I know that one doesn't become an attorney three days after passing the Bar Exam in NY, as Miss Lovenko claims at the end of the movie. She first would have to be approved before the Character Committee, submit Letters of Recommendation of Good Character, and her background would have to be checked. If approved, she would have to wait be sworn in by an Appellate Division Judge, which is about a 6 month process, not 3 days. (01:35:25)


Character mistake: Alan Alda says that his personal security code is the street address that he lived on at Steinway Boulevard when he was a kid growing up in Astoria, NY. The name of the street in Astoria is Steinway Street. (00:19:50)

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Fitzhugh and Slide are fighting over the gun in the penthouse, the gun accidentally fires and hits the car and the gun makes bullet holes in the car, and Josh also scrapes it with the crowbar, but later in the movie, the bullet holes and the scrape are gone. (01:16:00 - 01:18:10)


Continuity mistake: When Jillian confronts Mr Shaw about losing the money, he flips out and eventually loses his job over damaging the car with a golf club. He demolished all the windows and tail lights. Later when they try to steal it, there is no damage and the glass is intact.

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Suggested correction: Mr Shaw got the car fixed prior. Remember he told Josh he would have to pay for the damages. Also towards the end in the car when Josh was speaking to the Agent she said she erased the security footage of him doing so.

Continuity mistake: Josh's tie is a blue stripe before and after he cases the Stillman van towards the beginning of the movie, but when "clotheslined" by the FBI agent Tia Leoni, it is a red stripe.

Continuity mistake: In the end when everyone is opening their boxes, Miss Levenco (lawyer) receives the gold grill. Before opening the box she is alone in the room. When she pulls out the grill and cheers in excitement, a woman appears behind her.

Other mistake: When removing the car from the penthouse the guys decide to use the crane portion of the window cleaner's lift. The basket disappears without trace, what did they supposedly do with it?

Continuity mistake: In the Alternate Ending: 15 Months Later, when Slide is leaning on the car the bumper is chrome with some gold showing through, but in the next shot the bumper is completely gold.


Factual error: At the end, one of the tower employees receives a gold wheel as his/her portion of the retirement program. As malleable as gold is, it is unlikely that the gold spokes in that wheel would support the car, and just gold plating wouldn't be that heavy.

Rick Malloy: We're gonna go to jail! We're gonna die! Probably both.
Josh Kovacs: Yes! Yes! Yes! Join me.

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Trivia: When Odessa runs down the FBI agent with her cart she shouts, "bumbaclot!", a vulgar insult in Jamaican English, but means nothing in the United States. (01:09:20)

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