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Factual error: Eazy-E sports a black Chicago White Sox hat with a white logo early in the movie in 1986, but the logo didn't officially rollout until 1991.

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Factual error: When they show a news snippet of a presenter in a music store talking about gangsta rap, in the background copies of Leaders Of The New School's "TIME" album can be seen. This album was not released until 1993. (00:52:00)

Factual error: 2Pac Shakur is depicted as recording with Dr. Dre for Death Row before Eazy-E passed in March of 1995. 2Pac wasn't even released from jail or signed with Death row until October of 1995, 7 months after Eazy-E's death. (04:16:00)

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie in 1986, Dr. Dre is shown wearing a Dodgers cap that has the MLB logo on the back. While the MLB commissioned Jerry Dior to design the logo itself in 1968, it was not added to the back of every game worn cap until 1992.

Factual error: At Doo-Too's club, Dr. Dre is scratching and playing Cherrelle's "I didn't mean to turn you on", but the records on the turntables are from Atlantic and MCA, she was signed to Clarence Avant's Tabu records.

Factual error: In one of the scenes it's shown depicting Suge and his henchmen viscously assaulting Eazy E in the studio to get him to sign over his artists to his label in actuality this never happened. Eazy E was never assaulted by Suge, only threatened and was told to sign the contract out of fear of his and his family's life.

Continuity mistake: When Dre is talking to his brother outside the house before he leaves, the house in the background is showing partial sun (around sunset). Then, it becomes fully in the sun in the last shot as he's now leaving. The frame instantly changes to a wider view of the street, and now the house is fully shady with the sun already down.

Factual error: The film focuses on 5 members of NWA, but there were actually 6 members (in the first two years). Arabian Prince was a member, yet for some reason, he is not included in the story at all.

Ice Cube: [Watching a crowd destroy their records] Ain't that some shit? Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.
Eazy-E: See, the truth is, they can do whatever they want with them. They bought them motherfuckers.

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Trivia: Jerry Heller filed a lawsuit against numerous individuals involved in the making of this film, alleging they used parts of his autobiography without his permission. He died about 10 months after filing the lawsuit, which was dismissed a couple years later.


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Question: Why did Suge Knight hate Jerry so much? They didn't even talk to each other at all in the movie.

Answer: Suge Knight saw Jerry as a threat, and rightfully so. He had control over E and the others, and knew far more about the business than he did. Which meant he had power, something Suge wants complete control of.


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