Best family movie factual errors of 2010

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Toy Story 3 picture Video

Factual error: When Woody is looking at Andy's high school graduation picture in his room, there is a concert ticket in the upper left corner of the screen and another one just below it for a band called "Humble Beginnings" both with a date of Saturday, November 17, 2009. This date fell on a Tuesday. (00:11:15)

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The Karate Kid picture

Factual error: At the end of the first semifinal, as Cheng's gang gather to congratulate him, the events are being recorded for posterity by a photographer standing about 6 feet away, who, unfortunately is using at least a 200mm lens. I'm not sure he could even get Cheng's left eye into focus.


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The Last Airbender picture

Factual error: Zuko pulls out a family portrait out of his shirt and the portrait looks nothing like the characters in the movie, they look more like the cartoon characters.

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How to Train Your Dragon picture

Factual error: When Toothless zooms in and catches Astrid while she's falling, he was moving so fast that he would have pulled her leg out of the socket when he grabbed it, if not totally ripping it off. (01:19:55)

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Despicable Me picture

Factual error: The Times Square Jumbotron has a ticker-tape message beneath it. Some of the letters have sections missing, presumably to represent broken bulbs. If this is the case, the missing parts would not scroll with the message, as it's only the constant switching on and off of the bulbs that gives the impression of movement.


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Megamind picture

Factual error: Metrocity appears to be located in Michigan, but the news station on the truck starts with K, which signifies that's it's in the western half of the US.

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Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang picture

Factual error: Farmer MacReadie tells Phil he knew of a pig that could play Scrabble. However Scrabble was not released until 1948, three years after the war ended.


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Tangled picture

Factual error: Sailing ships in harbor always have their sails furled and stowed, not set. All the ships in the city's harbor have their sails set. Would never happen.

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