Continuity mistake: When Rapunzel wraps her hair around Flynn's hand she does so six to seven times. When the camera pans to the hand, it shows a criss cross pattern. That would require at most, 2 or 3 times, of wrapping the hair around.When the glow of the hair reaches Flynn's hand, the hair is wrapped in a straight formation. Then when the hand is healed Flynn unwraps it, with no more than one to two revolutions of wrapped hair.

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Continuity mistake: Just before Flynn cuts off Rapunzel's hair, there is a shot from behind him and he reaches up with his right hand to push her hair behind her ear. His arm is visible up to his forearm and the shackle is nowhere in sight. However, in the next, wide shot, the shackle is suddenly up around his wrist. (01:01:20)


Continuity mistake: After Flynn complains to the Stabbington Brothers about his nose getting messed up on his wanted posters, they are found by the mounted guards. If you look closely at the shot of the guards on the cliff, one of the horses led by Maximus is grey. Even in the shot when they gallop over the hill top in chasing Flynn - who has just abandoned his partners - one of the horses up front next to Maximus is grey. In the next shot when the captain demands his soldiers to retrieve Flynn's satchel for whatever it took, all the horses following Maximus are brown. (01:40:05)

Continuity mistake: In the pub, the piano playing thug knocks all the keys off with his hook, which can be seen when Rapunzel puts her frying pan by her face so she won't get hit by the keys. But in the next shot, the thug is playing the piano, when there should have been no keys.

Continuity mistake: Flynn Ryder, tied to a chair, is face down on the ground, and he pushes himself up so that he is lying on his side. Then Rapunzel pulls him up but he is now lying on his back. (00:28:30 - 00:29:00)

Revealing mistake: When Flynn and Maximus are fighting to get the satchel, it flies off and gets snagged on a tree branch. But you can see it goes through the branch, and not around it.


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Suggested correction: If you look closely, it is very clear that it doesn't go through the branch at all, but hangs from the side as it should.

Continuity mistake: When Rapunzel, Flynn, and Pascal are in the cave, Pascal is on the wall in between their heads, then in the next frame, Pascal is gone, and then the next frame, he is back again. It's like they forgot to draw him in and it only lasts for a second.

Other mistake: Flynn and Rapunzel go through the Snugly Duckling tunnel. Later when Maximus points to it, you could easily see it from anywhere in the pub. But nobody saw Flynn and Rapunzel go through other than the thug who showed them.

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Continuity mistake: As Flynn and Rapunzel are getting out of the river, after they had just escaped the cave, you can see that there is no wound on the palm of his left hand, even though he had just cut it on the rocks before. (00:50:40)

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Suggested correction: If you take a longer look and analyse it more closely, you would see that he does still have the cut on his left hand. His left not your left.

Continuity mistake: As Flynn and Rapunzel cross the bridge to the village, Flynn notices a "Wanted" poster with his picture on it. He takes the poster and crumples it up into a tiny ball, then stuffs it into the mouth of Maximus the horse. When Maximus spits it out and it lands on Flynn's face, the poster is inexplicably smooth and shows no evidence of having been crumpled.

Other mistake: When Flynn and Rapunzel are in the tunnel and the guards are coming, when the guards turn the corner, you can't see the 70 feet of her hair, and she's not carrying it before that.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Flynn is dying and cuts Rapunzel's hair off, he falls back against the pole. After Gothel falls out of the tower and turns back to Flynn, he's now completely lying on the floor. It's highly unlikely that he moved, since he's hardly conscious at the time.

Continuity mistake: When Flynn is escaping from the guards after the thugs rescue him and he runs out to the courtyard, he stops pretty far from the cart that eventually catapults him out of the castle. The thug that places him on the cart only moved him over about a person's width, not nearly the distance needed to move him onto the cart.


Revealing mistake: When Rapunzel lies down on her bed after she and Flynn get separated, you can see a rendering error: a bit of purple skirt peeks through the pink corsage. (01:16:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Flynn is being rescued by the "ruffians", after the second guard is taken, the head guard turns around and Flynn is still handcuffed. Then the head guard is knocked out, and immediately following the other guards break through the rear door and Flynn takes off running. His handcuffs are mysteriously gone. No one removes them.


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Suggested correction: The Viking with the horned helmet does. Immediately after the guards break the door, three men are around Flynn (one of them hanging from the ceiling.) One of them is doing something with Flynn's hands.


Other mistake: Rapunzel's hair is somehow attached to the top of a tree and she is suspended off the ground, swinging in circles around the tree. However, her position relative to the ground does not change. As she repeatedly swings around the tree, she should be getting further above the ground. Also, her hair inexplicably never gets caught or snagged in the branches of the tree.

Continuity mistake: In the reprise of Mother Knows best; Mother Gothel gives Rapunzel Flynn's satchel containing the crown in order to try and prove his disloyalty. Rapunzel then gives this to him on the boat later. However, no-one carries the satchel from the campsite to the boat! Rapunzel and Flynn are not carrying it, and Maximus does not have any saddle bags. How does it get from A to B?

Factual error: Sailing ships in harbor always have their sails furled and stowed, not set. All the ships in the city's harbor have their sails set. Would never happen.

Flynn Rider: I have dreams like you, no really. Just much less touchy-feely. They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny. On an island that I own, unarrested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money!

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Trivia: Pinocchio is sitting in the rafters above Flynn Ryder during the "I've Got a Dream" scene.

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Question: Since Maximus was the only one who went to gather the pub thugs in order to save Flynn from being hanged, I've got to ask two questions. 1) How were the thugs able to trust him? After all, when Maximus bursts into their pub after one of them helps Rapunzel and Flynn escape into the tunnel, they know he's the Captain's horse who was hunting them down. 2) How was Maximus able to communicate with the thugs so they would know what kind of situation Flynn was in?

Answer: Maximus has a very expressive face, and is adept at some hand (hoof?) gestures. When he showed up he must have had such an insistent and desperate expression that they agreed to help. Perhaps the mime thug helped them to decode Maximus' pantomimed communications.


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