Corrected entry: Maximus' mane is braided and his tail is bound during the chase and scuffle with Ryder. After falling off the cliff, his mane and tail are completely free flowing. (00:20:45 - 00:22:00)


Correction: The rushing wind from the fall blew the bands off Maximus' hair, therefore, his hair is loose.

Corrected entry: If the floating lanterns are close enough that Rapunzel can see them from her window every year, then that means the tower is close enough to the castle that the tower would not have been that hard to find.

Correction: The lanterns float for miles and miles, and Rapunzel's tower isn't just "far away", it's also hidden. So, no, her tower would not have been easy to find just because she can see the lanterns.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: She refers to them as floating lights. Flynn (Eugene) says 'the lanterns' while he is tied to he chair.

Corrected entry: When Eugene is trapped in a chair with being tied up with Rapunzel's hair. He falls and puts it side-ways. When he's talking to Rapunzel he is facing the wrong way. Her hair is facing to the right of the screen when he's looking at the left of the screen.

Correction: Remember, Rapunzel's hair is 70 feet long. Her hair could start coming out from the chair at the right, but then it curves off-screen towards the left, where she could be.

Corrected entry: After the Stabbington Brothers climb out of the secret tunnel from the "Snugly Duckling" Pub, one of them says "I'll kill him. I'll kill that Rider." He also says "We'll cut him off at the kingdom and get back the crown." How did they know Flynn was heading back to the kingdom? Since there is no explanation, this part of their quest makes no sense. (01:40:05)

Correction: We find out that the only reason Flynn took the crown was so he could return it for gold. The two brothers want to return the crown for gold for themselves. It's obvious why they knew he was going to the kingdom.

Corrected entry: Eugene's final act before he dies is to cut Rapunzel's hair, so he could free her by making Gothel age to death. How did he know that would happen? The only way he could have figured this out is if Rapunzel told him Gothel was only keeping her around to preserve her youth, but it's doubtful that even Rapunzel knew it, and even if she did then she never mentioned it.

Correction: He didn't cut Rapunzel's hair to kill Gothel. He cut Rapunzel's hair so that she would be unable to heal him, thus removing himself as leverage for Gothel to force Rapunzel to do her bidding, thereby allowing Rapunzel to free herself from Gothel's thrall. Gothel dying was just an unanticipated bonus.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Rapunzel and Pascal are playing hide and seek. When Rapunzel finds Pascal on the ledge outside, he is blending in with the flowers painted on the clay flower pot. The next time they show the flower pots they are just plain clay, there are no flowers painted on them.

Lyra Vanessa

Correction: In the corner, the flowers are on the pot.

Corrected entry: In the thug scene, they send a man with a star tattoo on his right arm to get the palace guards. When he returns the tattoo is on his left arm.

Correction: Both arms have a star tattoo.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rapunzel is putting Flynn in the closet, afterwards she's swinging her frying pan around. When she notices the crown in Flynn's satchel behind her, she turns around and suddenly the frying pan is gone. It's not on the chair or on the floor either when that part of the room is shown when she is pulling Gothel up.

Correction: The frying pan is actually lying right beside the satchel. You can see it as she is picking the crown up from out of the bag.

Corrected entry: Gothel ages rapidly and dies because Rapunzel's hair has lost its magic, which could keep her young, after it's cut. However, since Rapunzel was able to heal Flynn with her tears, that means she had the magic in her instead of containing in her hair. Therefore, the death of Gothel wasn't possible. (01:40:05)

Correction: Separate charms though. Gothel's youth was maintained through Rapunzel's hair, which lost it's magical properties. If Gothel had distilled Rapunzel's tears instead, she would perhaps have retained her youth despite Rapunzel's hair being cut.

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Corrected entry: Twice throughout the film, Gothel says, "Now I'm the bad guy." "Guy" is a synonym for "man," while the a proper synonym for "woman" is gal. Therefore, it would have made sense if Gothel considered herself the "bad gal" instead. (01:40:05)

Correction: Guy is also a non specific pronoun for a person. Being the "bad guy" isn't someone saying "I'm a man that isn't good" they are saying they are someone who isn't looked on favorably by others. Dictionary.com defines it as "A person who is not on your side". Its just slang. I am very much a girl, but I often say "I'm the man". I am not saying I am a male, but that I am really good at whatever I happened to be doing when I say it, like winning a video game or something of the like.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: In the pub, after the Stabbington Brothers knock out the solitary guard who was left in charge of them, they set each other free by cutting their chains each in half. At that point, the shackles remain on their wrists, but for the rest of the movie those shackles disappear. (01:40:05)

Correction: They used what was available to get the chains cut, then some time later, off camera, managed a way to get the shackles off too.

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Corrected entry: Rapunzel says whenever she sings her hair glows. But in the pub she sings, her hair does not glow. Also when she gets out of the tower she starts to sing, again no glowing hair.

Correction: It only glows when she sings the special song about the flower and it's abilities, not every song she sings makes it glow.

Corrected entry: When Eugene/Flynn climbs up Rapunzel's hair and comes into the tower Mother Gothel stabs Eugene/Flynn there appears to be NO blood on the knife and there would be no time for her to clean it. And, as you can see later, he has a lot of blood.

Correction: Knives don't always have blood on them immediately. I cut my hand with an X-Acto knife, right down to the bone. There was no blood on the blade, and in fact, my hand didn't bleed for about 10 seconds.


Corrected entry: After Rapunzel slides down from the tower, she lies in the grass at the base of the tower. She gets up to chase white dandelion petals and steps in water. The next shot shows that she is now a few yards away from the tower even though she only took a few steps. In that same shot as the camera zooms out, Flynn Rider is nowhere to been seen since he was climbing down the tower. (00:31:00)


Correction: The tower is out of the shot long enough for him to finish climbing down it. He's shown to climb up and down very quickly, and is more than halfway down when she starts her descent, so in the time it takes her to roll in the grass and step into the pond, he could easily be on the ground.

White Lock

Corrected entry: When Flynn goes to make peace with the Stabbington Brothers by relinquishing the tiara and Rapunzel waits, Pascal is sitting on her shoulder and remains there when they are approached by the vicious thieves. However, he disappears when Rapunzel runs from them. (01:40:05)

Correction: He could have easily gone into a pocket or into her hair.


Corrected entry: When Maximus finds Flynn sleeping in the forest, Flynn says "Well, I hope you're here to apologize," and then the next shot brings our attention to Rapunzel and Pascal who awake as they get startled by Flynn's loud scream. At that point, the frightened Pascal strangely turns red when he's just laying on grass (nearly as green as he is)and is in no contact with any red object. (01:40:05)

Correction: Chameleons change colour according to emotional state and social triggers. It's actually a misconception that they do it purely to blend in with their surroundings, although certain species have developed the ability to do so as a by-product of their colour changing.

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Corrected entry: Fake mom kills Flynn from behind, though there's no visible damage on his back next shot, she could hardly reach his stomach from position she appeared anyway.

Correction: You cannot see the bottom half of either character or the angle of Mother Gothel's wrist. She is standing slightly tilted to one side behind him implying that she is stabbing him in the side, not the back.

Corrected entry: Flynn rides Maximus to Rapunzel's tower as he hurries to her rescue. Clearly for the rest of the scene - especially if you look all around the ground during Mother Gothel's fall, and in the final shot of the tower - he has gone. (01:40:00)

Correction: There's plenty of places he could be, including leaving altogether. Not seeing him is not a mistake, he wasn't likely to simply wait at the bottom of the tower.

White Lock

Corrected entry: When Mother Gothel falls, she reduces to dust, and the only remainder of her that lands is her cloak. If you look closely at the ground on the bottom of the tower - in the very next shot after Rapunzel first kisses Flynn - it's completely missing. (01:40:05)

Correction: The exact spot is never shown again. As they pan down, it stops just short of giving a full view with where her cloak fell.

White Lock

Corrected entry: From what the opening narration showed us, Mother Gothel found the golden flower almost immediately after it came to earth, and it specifically states that she hoarded its power for herself. Since she therefore wouldn't have told anyone for fear of them finding and taking the flower, and the narration implies pretty strongly that there is only the one flower, there's no way the legend about its powers could ever have started in the first place.

Correction: It's possible that, over the centuries, people have gotten curious about Gothel and followed her to where she kept the flower. Even if Gothel killed them off (not unlikely, given her actions towards Flynn), they could have managed to spread the word to others about its power, starting the legend.

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