5th Oct 2013

Despicable Me (2010)

Factual error: The Times Square Jumbotron has a ticker-tape message beneath it. Some of the letters have sections missing, presumably to represent broken bulbs. If this is the case, the missing parts would not scroll with the message, as it's only the constant switching on and off of the bulbs that gives the impression of movement.


3rd Oct 2013

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Factual error: PC Angel's collar number is initially HF 777. Whilst a borough code of HF doesn't actually exist there would be a borough code for the Metropolitan Police as it is big enough to warrant one. I'll guess the HF to be for Hot Fuzz? Once PC Angel is promoted to sergeant and also transferred to Sandford his collar number changes to SF 777. Not only would the borough code not be required in the much smaller Sandford, but SF is a Metropolitan borough code for Finchley. The number would also change from 777. Three digit numbers are reserved for constables whilst sergeants would have either a one or two digit number, as in Martin Freeman's HF 90. The twin sergeants, Turner, both have collar number SF 101, when they should have different one or two digit numbers, likewise sergeant Fisher who has SF 137 and the later promoted sergeant Butterman, SF 128. It appears that the format of these collar codes is left to the discretion of each constabulary but the number of digits denoting rank seems to be uniformly accepted throughout the UK.


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Suggested correction: While there's a lot of details listed in the mistake, the rank of sergeant is denoted by 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers and constables are denoted by 3 or 4 digit numbers (unless of course there are too many officers and larger numbers are needed).


Suggested correction: Police forces do not routinely denote rank by number of digits. I'm sure some forces do, however, I have personally worked in two police forces where this was not the case.

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