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Terminator Salvation picture

Other mistake: When Marcus, Kyle and Star are at the petrol station, a flying HK and the giant Harvester robot are able to appear just outside without making any kind of sound. In every other scene of the Harvester and the HKs however, they both make an incredible amount of noise. (00:37:40)


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12 Rounds picture

Other mistake: At 1:39:14 the bomb arms, 32 seconds later at 1:39:46 (two seconds after it should have blown up) Dan and Molly jump from the helicopter. Then 10 secs later at 1:39:56, the plane FINALLY blows up after giving them those extra 12 secs to jump and conveniently make it to the pool below.


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Paul Blart: Mall Cop picture

Other mistake: When Paul Blart is pwning Rock Band, the vocals shows the tambourine/clap notes. Paul Blart is doing nothing that would play those notes (singing or pressing the "a" button).

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2012 picture

Other mistake: When the monk arrives with Jackson and the others at the gate leading into the secret entrance of the ships, the countdown to impact timer reads about 28 minutes. It is highly implausible that the group, which contains elderly and small children, are able to get to the top of what looks to be a 100 story staircase in less than 15 minutes without breaking a sweat. Once they are inside the hatch, the countdown to impact timer reads about 13 minutes.

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Other mistake: When Buck tells about his fight with Rudy, he swings while saying "Back, forth" in front of the others. They are looking the wrong way. He is also swinging on nothing at all.


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Avatar picture

Other mistake: In the scene after Jake first links to his Avatar body and they are getting ready to put the Avatar's to rest, Grace gets the human scientists to 'scat' and shuts two large gates behind them. There is a CGI error with Grace's left hand. Her hand is not holding the gate handle but is pulling it shut anyway.

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Sherlock Holmes picture

Other mistake: When Holmes searches for hidden door after St. Thomas' death he bumps the door and it moves before he knocks on the wall to find out which side seems to be a door.


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Fast & Furious picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Vin Diesel kicks open a guy's door and you hear Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. When the camera pans to the TV for a split second, Marcus is not seen anywhere.

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Suggested correction: Marcus Feenix doesn't need to be on screen to be heard. If, for example you are playing online and another player is controlling Marcus, you wouldn't see Marcus on screen every time he speaks as you are controlling Dom Santiago and see the game from his perspective.


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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian picture

Other mistake: When Larry first enters the main storage room, he has to go by the guard Booth. A voice says "ID" then acknowledges that it's "Brundon, later dude". When it shows Larry from behind it shows a clear shot of the inside of the entire security room. It is completely empty. Did a ghost ask for the ID?

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Suggested correction: While this could be a mistake, it could be an automatic scanner.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra picture

Other mistake: When Ripcord flies the black jet toward the White House, he decides to ascend to the atmosphere to rid the craft of the nanomites. As he flies toward the lawn and up the air, he narrowly misses hitting the balcony, where an agent shields himself with his arms from the jet. At such a close distance and at that incredibly fast speed, the agent would have been pulled in by the jet's wake and thrown up in the air. (01:39:45)

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Watchmen picture Watchmen mistake picture

Other mistake: During the Comedian's funeral, in a shot from above showing both grave and the casket, the grave is actually shorter than the casket. (00:33:55)


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine picture

Other mistake: When Logan is talking to the old man in the barn, in the "This was my son's jacket, try it on" scene, he is sitting on the motorbike, and when he gets up, the bike doesn't move up on its suspension. A few seconds later, when he sits back down on the bike, the suspension sinks a lot due to the weight of his adamantium skeleton.


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Zombieland picture

Other mistake: When Columbus is face-to-face with the clown zombie, he looks up at Wichita, who is on the ride, stuck at the top of the tower. Columbus looks almost straight up at her, but when Wichita looks to Columbus for help, she should look almost straight down, but instead she looks straight ahead. There is no other reason why she would have looked straight ahead because a) Columbus was directly below her, b) Little Rock and Tallahassee were to her right, and c) she almost perpetually had her eyes on the zombie climbing the tower towards her.


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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen picture Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen mistake picture

Other mistake: In one of the beginning scenes, the time at the bottom says that it is 22:00, which means it would be 10pm in China. In the scene, it is bright daylight, not night time as it should be. (00:02:15)

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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus picture

Other mistake: In the scene with the plane that is attacked by the mega shark and subsequently crashes, the camera focuses on one character in particular- a man who states he is "getting married in a few days". It is assumed when the plane crashes that everyone on board dies, yet in the very next scene this man walks behind Deborah Gibson's character as an extra.

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G-Force picture

Other mistake: If you watch very closely at the end, when Hurley is found beneath the rubble, Blaster lets go of the heavy steel box that was on top of Hurley before Darwin actually pulls Hurley free, so Hurley should have really been dead.

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Star Trek picture

Other mistake: When the Kelvin is about to impact Nero's ship, the countdown, in seconds, goes from xx.00 to xx.30. Meaning the fraction of the seconds start at .30 when they should start at .99.


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Whiteout picture

Other mistake: The Union flag in the comms room at Amundsen-Scott base is upside down. They did get the one flying outside right, though.

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Up (2009)

Up picture

Other mistake: The Spanish version has all the titles and signs changed to Spanish text as we can see when Carl opens the photo album. However, a side angle shows the letters 'O' and 'D' revealing it's the original English text, "Things To do."

Sacha Premium member

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The Tournament picture

Other mistake: At the gas station, Lai Lai's tracker picks up on two other contestants approaching but fails to show the position of Father MacAvoy, who is standing right beside her.


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