Other mistake: The Spanish version has all the titles and signs changed to Spanish text as we can see when Carl opens the photo album. However, a side angle shows the letters 'O' and 'D' revealing it's the original English text, "Things To do."

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Other mistake: After Carl and Russell meet with Cumulonimbus cloud Carl takes a nap and we find that Russell wakes him up, after that we see that Carl goes and peeps out of the window he places his walking stick near to him and facing him, the next to next shot we see that its moved and is facing opposite to him. even though the camera is moved a bit its not possible for the stick to rotate so much and moved.


Other mistake: Shortly after the house takes off for the first time, in a scene where part of the city can be seen that includes various buildings and houses, the shadow of Carl's house and the balloons can be seen on the ground. At first glance it looks OK, but the angle of the shadows of objects on the ground is completely different from the shadow projected by the house. The buildings on the ground are projecting a shadow to the left, indicating that the sun is low to the right. However Carl's house shadow indicates a light source from behind the camera which is about perpendicular to the shadows on the ground. To be technically correct in this shot, all shadows must point away from the camera and the sun should be located behind the camera if the house's shadow is to be seen in the shot.


Continuity mistake: When the house first becomes detaches from its foundation and becomes airborne, Russell is nowhere to be seen, although every angle of the house is shown, including underneath, the front porch and the back porch. He knocks on the door and tells Carl he chased a "snipe" under the porch - but he cannot be seen after liftoff and prior to knocking. The same thing happens near the end, when Dug claims to have hidden under the porch.

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Dug: My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you.

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Trivia: When Carl's house begins to lift and the little girl looks out her window, the Luxo ball from Pixar's other films is seen in her room.

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Question: When Carl and Ellie are married, why are there only a few wedding guests for the groom and why the long faces while the guests for the bride are so excited and celebrating the wedding?

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Chosen answer: Carl and Ellie have two dramatically different personalities. Carl is more conservative, more reserved, a tender heart covered by a tough exterior which Ellie is able to break through, but which seems to recalcify after she dies. Ellie, on the other hand, is the sweet free spirit, rambunctious and adventurous. Throughout the film, each one conforms to the other until they ultimately blend into one beautiful unit. I think the makers of the film were trying to show that their respective personalities were a product of their upbringing, and reflected in the reactions of their families - hers larger, more fun, and more "hick" (we hear gunshots, for Pete's sake), and his more reserved, formal and patrician.

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