Best romance movie factual errors of 2006

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Tristan & Isolde picture

Factual error: The poem Isolde recites, John Donne's "The Good-Morrow", is a 17th-century work, which is centuries later than the movie's time period.

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High School Musical picture

Factual error: In the scene where Taylor is trying to prove to Gabriella that Troy is a dumb jock who doesn't care about her, Troy is in the locker room with his friends. Troy's friends are recording Troy on a camera attached to a PC, and the image is seen on Taylor's PC. The message on Taylor's PC says an incorrectly spelled 'Recieving WiFi Signal' instead of 'Receiving'. (01:00:55)

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Flyboys picture

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie William supposedly boards the train in Lincoln, Nebraska. All the vehicles in the train are from Europe and never rolled in the United States. (00:03:35)

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Aquamarine picture

Factual error: When Cecelia and her friends are in the car, following Aquamarine, Hailey, and Claire to the water tower, they aren't that far away - probably less than thirty feet - yet the other girls don't hear their car approaching.

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Deja Vu pictureDeja Vu mistake picture

Factual error: During Claire's post mortem, Doug takes a picture of her face. Her head was tilted towards the camera as were her eyes. When the picture comes out, it shows that she was faced away from the camera. (00:18:20)

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The Holiday picture

Factual error: When Iris is unable to sleep she looks over at Amanda's bedside clock which displays 5:00 pm, however, moments later Iris discovers a button to lower the shade. There is bright sunlight coming into the room, however, in December the sun sets prior to this time (about 4:45pm according to

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Getting Played picture

Factual error: In the scene where Mark is describing to his friend, Josh, how he knew about the bet from the beginning, and how he foiled Andreas plan by disconnecting the camera, he states that he did this by unplugging the "Tv Feed," or RCA cable, from the camera. This would not stop the camera from recording as they state it does.

Ian Mugford
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The Fountain picture

Factual error: When Izzy urges Tom to watch through the telescope on the rooftop, he just looks and sees the nebula. From space observations done by myself, I know that the earth rotation is so fast that even for this amount of time, a manual correction must be done to center the view again.

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A Good Year picture

Factual error: In the swimming pool scene from Max and Fanny's childhood, there is a modern inflatable plastic pool chair that would not have been available at that time. (01:42:40)

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Employee of the Month picture

Factual error: The kind of CCD bar code scanners used by the cashiers in the movie have a maximum read range of just a few inches (or less). Given this limitation, it would be impossible for Vince to scan the item from as far away as he did, at the beginning of the movie.

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Annapolis picture

Factual error: When asked how many seas the water from the Triton light is from, Huard says eight and is corrected with an answer of seven. The real number is 22.

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The Lake House picture

Factual error: When Kate is at Il Mare waiting for Alex, she straightens the knives at his place. The knives are set incorrectly, with the blades facing away from the plate. The fanciest restaurant in Chicago would never make this mistake. (01:11:45)

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Little Children picture

Factual error: The movie apparently takes place in a Boston suburb, judging from the Massachusetts license plates, but, in the scene in the train station, the words "Long Island Railroad" are on a sign.

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10 Items or Less picture

Factual error: When Scarlet decides to ram the other car, she asks 'Him' if there is a green Pontiac behind her. Him answers yes. In fact, the car is a Chevrolet Camaro, not a Pontiac. Him may be a detached actor that knows nothing about cars, but Scarlet knows the car and its owner well, and the owner's reaction proves the car hit was the intended target. (00:29:15)

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The Last Kiss picture

Factual error: Jenna calls her dad with the result of her sonogram, and reveals the sex of the fetus. But given the timing of the movie, we know that Jenna is between 10 and 12 weeks - gender can't be determined from a sonogram until at least 20 weeks.

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend picture

Factual error: When, on their second date, Jenny sucks in air and pulls a cab backwards, the driver spins the tires trying to go forward. The smoke rolling off the tires does not get drawn backwards towards the suction.

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Amazing Grace picture

Factual error: On the way into the health spa, Wilberforce's friend says they should hurry or they'll be late. Wilberforce replies "the waters have been here for a million years - how could we be late?". In the late 1700s, no-one in Europe thought the world was that old.

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Curse of the Golden Flower picture

Factual error: When the Empress is dressing for the Chrysanthemum festival, bobby pins and hair pins are visible in her hair, not made available until the 20th century.

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Catch and Release picture

Factual error: When Gray gives her dead boyfriend's friend her boyfriend's old high school T-shirt, he puts it on, you can see that it is a "tagless" T-shirt. You can see the imprint of the "tag" through the shirt. Those kinds of tags were not used when they were in high school that many years ago.

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Date Movie picture

Factual error: When Julia gets on the motorcycle the engine starts with a turn of the key, and then turns off the kill switch. In real life the motorcycle starts after you turn the key, disengage the kill switch then push the electric start button.

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