The Holiday

Factual error: When Iris is unable to sleep she looks over at Amanda's bedside clock which displays 5:00 pm, however, moments later Iris discovers a button to lower the shade. There is bright sunlight coming into the room, however, in December the sun sets prior to this time (about 4:45pm according to

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Factual error: In the scene where Iris has landed in California and traveling to the home, she is headed the wrong way on the Pacific Coast Highway. She was headed SOUTH on PCH where there is no airport north of her to bring her to California on an international flight.had to be coming into LAX.

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Factual error: The outside view of Kate Winslet's 'cottage' is not a cottage at all - in England it would be considered a large detached house and it has several rooms on the upper floor. However, the inside depicts an actual cottage: there is only one bedroom (Jude Law has to sleep on the sofa), the bathroom is too small for a regular sized bath, and the downstairs only has a couple of rooms. So the outside view of the house is large, whilst the interior is depicted as tiny.

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Factual error: When Amanda arrives in England, on the way to the cottage and at the cottage, there is snow everywhere: road, yard, field, trees. he next morning, she says it is "freezing cold" but the snow is gone and all the field is green as if it would be spring over the night.

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No kiss at end of Ghost Town

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When Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are in bed for the last time, her bra strap changes from being up and hanging down whenever the camera changes.



When Jack Black is singing the tune from "The Graduate" in the video store, the guy who tuts and gets annoyed is Dustin Hoffman, who starred in the Graduate. Apparently his cameo was unplanned, he noticed the cameras and stopped by, and it was decided he should make his small appearance.