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The Holiday (2006)

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Corrected entry: The morning after Amanda and Graham first spend the night together, as Graham is preparing to depart, he pulls a sports coat over his shirt. Initially he pulls the shirt collar over the coat, in the next shot the collar is under the coat, and in the next the collar is out again.

Correction: He doesn't pull the shirt collar over the jacket at all he just straightens it up. The collar remains inside the jacket at all times.

Corrected entry: When Iris is on the plane she is sent a message on her phone. However this phone is different to the one she has when she gets a call after her first night in L.A.


Correction: She might have bought a new American phone and transfered the sim card/chip with the phone numbers.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Iris is pouring wine for herself and Jasper, the sound of pouring begins long before she picks up the bottle.

Correction: Watch again, closely - as Iris begins pouring, the gurgling sound matches perfectly with the moment that air enters the bottle.


Corrected entry: When Amanda slips on the ice, she holds onto a tree branch and the snow falls on her. But in the next shot, there's no snow on her.


Correction: These shots are part of a longer series showing her trundling up the narrow lane to get to the house. The next shot was after a cut, and we don't know how long she walked between the different cuts. Most likely, she brushed off most of the snow, and what was left melted on her clothes while she was walking, all between shots.


Corrected entry: When Cameron Diaz is drinking hot chocolate with Jude Law and his daughters, she has foam on her top lip and when the camera goes away and comes back, there is much more foam than before.

Correction: Like you say, the camera "goes away and comes back". She was out of frame long enough to have taken a new sip of the chocolate, leaving more whipped cream on her lip.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Amanda meets Graham's daughters Olivia and Sophie for the first time, Olivia says "We never have grownups here that are girls." But what about Graham's sister Iris?

Correction: They're children. To them, Iris isn't "a girl", she's just Aunt Iris. They mean none of their father's friends ever want to play with them.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Amanda is arriving in Surrey by cab, the cab is not driving on the left side of the road in town nor are cars parked on the opposite side of the road, they just look like they are all in America, not England.

Correction: Shes been driven down country roads which are typically narrower than a normal road, and its not unusual for people to drift over to the other side of the road so they can see oncoming cars from around tight bends. And also, it was filmed on location in the UK, so those are actual British roads.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the end where Cameron Diaz returns to the cottage to talk to Jude Law, as they're speaking, you can see a microphone above Jude's head.

Correction: This is a fault with the theatre you watched the movie in.

Corrected entry: Cameron Diaz is watching TV in Kate Winslet's house when she sees the trailer she just edited during a commercial break. Only problem is that the TV show she's watching is "Little Britain", only shown on BBC channels, which don't have commercial breaks.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: "Little Britain" is also shown in the UK on UKTV, a satelite channel which does have commercial breaks.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cameron Diaz is looking for a place on the Internet, there is a window with all the countries names and flags next to it. The flag for South Africa is still the old flag, which was changed in 1994.

Correction: This is a result of the website failing to update its graphics, not a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Amanda says she will go back to L.A. early. In fact, she gets to the airport and everything. There's one problem: she is responsible for Iris's dog for the full two weeks, and she can't take a dog to the States without putting it in a quarantine first.

Correction: When bringing a pet into the US, it does not have to be quarantined if it passes a physical examination, and you have proof of up to date vaccinations.


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