Deja Vu
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Factual error: During Claire's post mortem, Doug takes a picture of her face. Her head was tilted towards the camera as were her eyes. When the picture comes out, it shows that she was faced away from the camera.


Factual error: In the Hummer scene, the signs that read "I-310 South, Bayou Bouef" and "U.S. 90 East, Bayou Bouef" in reality read "I-10 West, Baton Rouge" and "U.S. 90 East, Claiborne Ave".

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Factual error: When Denzel Washington wakes up in the hospital he unplugs the cables attached to the heart monitor. By doing this he shuts down the monitor. Actually those monitors go into yellow alert by disconnecting the heartbeat sensors. They can be configured to do nothing at all by disconnecting but they will never shutdown this way.

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Factual error: Near the end of the movie, the truck is launched into the Mississippi River, which has essentially zero visibility at the shallowest of depths at all times; thus the nickname "Big Muddy". In the movie, the river is crystal clear, even several feet down.

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Factual error: The stolen ambulance had windows on both the driver and passenger sides of the patient compartment. Ambulances don't have windows on the driver's side, and rarely have them on the passenger side, since these walls are used for cabinets.

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When the Bronco is underwater at the end of the movie, Claire's hands are tied to the steering wheel. Doug rips the steering wheel off. Anyone who has worked on cars knows you need a puller to get a steering wheel off. Also, the steering wheel is gone when Claire swims to the surface.



At the time of the filming, the St. Charles Streetcars were not running 100%. When they show the Canal St Car, one sense that shows the car running on the right side tracks toward the camera, it's actually on the wrong side. Later when he's going to her apartment, one shot shows the streetcar running on the right side tracks (as the norm), and the trolley poles are up. Later when he gets off the car, it's on the opposite side, wrong direction, rear pole is down, and he gets out through the rear door as if it was main door.