My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Factual error: When, on their second date, Jenny sucks in air and pulls a cab backwards, the driver spins the tires trying to go forward. The smoke rolling off the tires does not get drawn backwards towards the suction.

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Factual error: In the opening NYC MTA subway scene a couple minutes into the movie, the characters are riding an R subway train. The letter is visible behind Luke Wilson's head when he asks, "Wouldn't it seem a little - yeah". When Luke Wilson runs off the train after a robber a minute or two later, they run up a staircase that says "uptown N R W trains". When they run out of the station, however, they are running out of the Franklin Street 1 stop. The red 1 line and the yellow N R W line do not intersect anywhere near Franklin Street, so it would be impossible for them to have exited an R train at the Franklin Street station.

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