My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Factual error: When, on their second date, Jenny sucks in air and pulls a cab backwards, the driver spins the tires trying to go forward. The smoke rolling off the tires does not get drawn backwards towards the suction.


Factual error: In the opening NYC MTA subway scene a couple minutes into the movie, the characters are riding an R subway train. The letter is visible behind Luke Wilson's head when he asks, "Wouldn't it seem a little - yeah". When Luke Wilson runs off the train after a robber a minute or two later, they run up a staircase that says "uptown N R W trains". When they run out of the station, however, they are running out of the Franklin Street 1 stop. The red 1 line and the yellow N R W line do not intersect anywhere near Franklin Street, so it would be impossible for them to have exited an R train at the Franklin Street station.

Continuity mistake: When Matt and Jenny are on their first date the way she is holding her wine glass changed from shot to shot. First she is holding the bowl of the glass, then the stem, then back to the bowl.


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