My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Easter egg: On the disc's main menu, wait for a couple of seconds. Kate's rump will appear and will do a stinky like her son (Stinky). Press your down button until you see PRRRP. Press your enter button to see a clip of Kate teaching you to spell the word "POOP" and some weird message that is saying stinky stuff. Whew. On the special features menu, go to the second page. Highlight the "Photo Gallery" menu entry and press your enter button to highlight S Club. Press your enter button to watch this.

Continuity mistake: In the scene on the roof after the power transfer, Hannah falls through the sky light and Matt yells down to her. You can tell the close-ups on Matt were re-shot because Matt's hair is longer and styled differently in between shots.

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Matt Saunders: You're that Bedlam guy.
Professor Bedlam: Professor Bedlam.
Matt Saunders: The super villain.
Professor Bedlam: Please, I am not super. I am not a villain. I'm just a regular man like yourself with a thousand times more money, intelligence and taste.

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