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Monk picture

Mr. Monk and the Candidate (1) - S1-E1

Sharona: You're going straight to hell.
Adrian Monk: I am in hell.

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Firefly picture

Jaynestown - S1-E4

[About Jayne's statue.]
Wash: I think they captured him. Captured his esscence, you know?
Kaylee: He looks kinda angry.
Wash: That's kinda what I meant.

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What's New, Scooby-Doo? picture

Pompeii and Circumstance - S1-E12

Saladicus: Those who are about to fight, salute me. I am the Emperor Caesar Saladicus. Do you have any last requests?
Shaggy: Hold the anchovies.

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Julius Caesar picture

Caesar: There's a lot of Rome still out there, it just isn't called Rome yet.

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Spooks picture

Ruth Evershed: Shall I hit him again Adam?
Adam Carter: Only if you want to.

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Look Around You picture

Narrator: We're using AC-DC because it is heavy metal.

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Taken picture

Sally Clarke: I love you. Everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

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Everwood picture

Linda: Well, I probably won't move again for another year.
Andy: You mean I gotta do this again in another 12 months?

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The Wire picture

Det. William Moreland: You seem awfully happy today.
Det. Ray Cole: I got laid last night.
Det. William Moreland: Oh yeah? Your asshole still hurt?

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The Shield picture

Claudette Wyms: Oooooh. Busting crime one blunt at a time.

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Kath and Kim picture

Kim: I'm not criticizing you, I'm just saying you look bad.

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Greg the Bunny picture

Gil: When I'm out for blood, I never let sex get in the way.
Susan the Monster: That's funny, for me it's just the other way around.

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The Twilight Zone picture

Narrator: You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. You are entering the Twilight Zone.

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CSI: Miami picture

Kill Zone - S1-E9

Lt. Horatio Caine: You're evil, you enjoy death, and I hope you enjoy your own.

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8 Simple Rules... For Dating My Teenage Daughter picture

C.J.: Got a wing with your name on it, buddy.
Jim: Don't get carried away.

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Kim Possible picture

Dr. Drakken: Oh look, it's Kim Possible and her friend.
Ron: Hello, I've got a name.
Dr. Drakken: Which I can never remember.

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Without A Trace picture

Jack Malone: According to the groom, she was an angel.
Martin: I guess love is blind. And deaf. And very, very dumb.
Jack Malone: Spoken like a true romantic.

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Foyle's War picture

DCS Christopher Foyle: The uniform suits you.
Andrew Foyle: Thanks. I wish I could say the same about your dressing gown.

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Naruto picture

Naruto Uzumaki: Everyone... everyone... has risked their lives to come after you.
Sasuke Uchiha: Well, how good for them.

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The Story of Tracy Beaker picture

Dolly: I don't stink, I smell like cornflakes.

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