Movie Quote Quiz

Colin Wells: Didn't we bug this suite when Bill Clinton used it?
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: We did.
Colin Wells: Happy days.

Danny Hunter: I may not be able to do everything I want to do to you, but there is a lot I can do.

Jools Siviter: Lively on this side of the river, isn't it?

Home Secretary: You know, back in my days as a student radical, our dreams were all about the glorious proletariat.
Harry Pearce: We've still got those dreams on file somewhere.

Harry Pearce: ...before he got religion - if world anarchy is a religion.

Harry Pearce: We're in a state of collective desperation here.

Ruth Evershed: Shall I hit him again Adam?
Adam Carter: Only if you want to.

Jools Siviter: The great joy of an obo post is that the Powers That Be can't see how much you're drinking.

Tom Quinn: Colin, when the word "Yes" will do, use it.

Danny Hunter: Earl Grey tea bags.
Zoe Reynolds: What?
Danny Hunter: You didn't get any.
Zoe Reynolds: Why would I get you Earl Grey tea bags?
Danny Hunter: I like them.
Zoe Reynolds: Look, we have a flat share, okay? We are not married.
Danny Hunter: Is Earl Grey tea bags married?
Zoe Reynolds: Oh, yes.

Jools Siviter: Bug your own office, do you, Harry?
Harry Pearce: Only for special occasions.

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