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Striptease picture

Deliberate mistake: In the towel-dance scene after Demi has put on her white panties and spins off the towel from her hair she starts to rip off her body towel. Then in the next frame the towel is again tucked in. Apparently they didn't want Demi topless when she leaned over to slip on her blue shorts.

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Matilda picture

Deliberate mistake: When the Trunchbull is drinking from the glass with the newt in it, you can easily see that she doesn't actually drink anything, as the water level stays exactly the same. Logical, as the newt is real, but it's still very obvious because she drinks for about 15 seconds. (00:46:55)

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Mars Attacks! picture

Deliberate mistake: At the end just before the president is killed he fixes his tie, but it keeps on getting fixed to messed, to fixed, etc. Deliberate homage to "A Few Good Men", but worth looking for nonetheless. (00:28:15)

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Fled picture

Deliberate mistake: Practically all movies incorporate the name of the movie within the dialog. However, they must remember the English language and tense agreement. On at least two occasions, Fishburne says "Come on Dodge, lets FLED." If they were so interested in incorporating the name within the script, they should have named the movie FLEE.

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Space Jam picture

Deliberate mistake: When the Looney Tunes are playing basketball against the aliens, if you look in the stands the same cartoon characters are in different places at the same time. This happens a lot.

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The Glimmer Man picture

Deliberate mistake: Just before Donald has a fight with Jack at the end of the film, we see Donald jogging down a flight of stairs to escape the building. Then after a bit of a punch up with Jack, we see Donald running back up the same staircase to escape Jack, but when he reaches the top it turns into a dead end. There is nowhere that Donald could have came from when we see him coming down the stairs. (01:19:35 - 01:20:35)

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The English Patient picture

Deliberate mistake: The actual Lazlo Almasy died in the 1950's after voluntarily serving with the German Army and SS during WWII.

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Scream picture

Deliberate mistake: When Sidney is typing the message to the police, you can see that there are red lights flashing, which must mean the police are there, 5 seconds after she types. Obviously deliberately done for the humor. (00:29:30 - 00:30:25)

cameron davies

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Suggested correction: Contrary to what the entry says, I don't see police lights flashing as she types, nor when she talks to Billy. I do agree that still it's barely a minute before the police arrive in full force on the scene and it's pretty ridiculous (although I am not sure it's deliberate humour).

Sammo Premium member

There's a time skip between Sidney encountering Dewey at the front door and Billy being arrested. It's plausible Tatum had sent Dewey to check on Sidney knowing she was going to be late, and so he arrived before the rest of the authorities. Billy did not chase after Sidney and likely reacted calmly to Dewey to look as innocent as he could, he wouldn't necessarily have been arrested right away.

TonyPH Premium member

I have to disagree; you see Dewey's car and another cop car with flashing lights the moment she opens the door, and he instantly calls the others in, so they are already there in full force because of the 911 call.

Sammo Premium member

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Sleepers picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where the boys scratch off the paint on the window so they can look at the ice skaters getting dressed, there's a grille about 6 inches from the window. When viewed from outside their faces are pressed against the grille, but when the shot changes to inside the building looking at their eyes moving, their eyes are much closer to the window than the grille would allow. (00:09:30)

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Happy Gilmore picture

Deliberate mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Happy first discovers his swing, the balls that hit the people down the street are never visible upon impact.


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Ransom picture

Deliberate mistake: When the media truck follows Mel, he comes to a traffic light and stops. When he throws away the van's keys, he speeds off from the intersection. Why are the cars at his left not driving? They look like they have parked there and with no drivers present in the car. Weird for a very busy road.

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Flipper picture

Deliberate mistake: After Flipper knocks Sandy off the pier with his tail, there is an underwater close-up of the two of them swimming towards each other. This shot is flipped, note Sandy's watch and bracelets have switched wrists. (00:34:20)

Super Grover Premium member

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Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood picture

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Ashtray gets his hair lined up saying, "Kick Me". However, in the rest of the movie, like the scene where he hugs his grandma, it shows the back of his head and there is no words.

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The Stupids picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Joan and the kids pile into the station wagon after Stanley is kidnapped, Joan tells the kids to hold on tight and puts the car into reverse. However, in the matter of seconds that have gone by, Joan hasn't even started the car, yet she was able to put it in reverse and drive off. Even if she had the skills to start it that fast, you would hear the car turn over. The car is never heard turning on.


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From Dusk Till Dawn picture

Deliberate mistake: The disco ball doesn't start reflecting the sunrise until after the lead characters get out, even though it should have began to reflect light right when the door opened.

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The Phantom picture

Deliberate mistake: By the time the island blows up after Drax is destroyed, don't the explosions seem to move very slowly at the shot where Zane dives into the water?


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The Rock picture

Deliberate mistake: When one of the captains throws the grenade while Mason is in the bath, it coincidentally rolls to a left into the bathtub area, instead of rolling straight.

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Suggested correction: The grenade isn't a sphere. It is obviously lopsided, and would tend to not roll in a straight line. Although it is probably exaggerated for the scene.

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