Mars Attacks!

Other mistake: When the general passes the clipboard to the President to sign the nuclear release, the clipboard is actually upside-down.

Revealing mistake: After the Martian who is dressed up as a women spits a finger in the fish tank a bit of the Martian's mask near its mouth is torn away. As she chews the nitrogen gum the human lips move but her real teeth don't.

Deliberate mistake: At the end just before the president is killed he fixes his tie, but it keeps on getting fixed to messed, to fixed, etc. Deliberate homage to "A Few Good Men", but worth looking for nonetheless.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the film, when the singer holds out his arm and the hawk flies on to it, you can see the pad under his sleeve that would prevent the talons from clawing the actor's arm.

Mars Attacks! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the press secretary kisses the hand of the alien-dressed-as-a-seductive-woman, the eyeball ring is on her right middle finger but after she knocks him out (or kills him) the ring is on the finger between the middle and the pinkie. In subsequent scenes it's back on the middle finger.


Continuity mistake: When the martians first visit earth in the desert you can see that the shadow from the poles at the red carpet is on the left side, a few seconds later after the silver ramp is unrolled and the martian ambassador walks down it and onto the red carpet you can see that the shadow of the poles is on the right side.

Continuity mistake: When General Casey answers the phone en route to Pahrump, the helicopters following him drop back in an instant.


Continuity mistake: The helicopters at the landing site escort the saucer down, then immediately disappear. They are completely gone as the saucer touches down and do not participate in the ensuing battle, even though the Martians are never seen aiming their guns in the air.


Other mistake: In the scene where the President dies, after the General tells everyone to hush and there are agents/bodyguards slowly approaching the door, watch the door to the room before and while it explodes. There are lines in the door which mark the way in which the door will be blown open.

Other mistake: When those cute little Martians break into The White House and begin to blast away everything, a few of them get shot in the process. One gets shot in the helmet, and collapses to the ground, suffocating. A few minutes later, during the same scene, another gets shot, and likewise collapses. The animation of the two Martians collapsing is the same, just reversed.

Revealing mistake: When the two boys are playing the shooting game at home, they run away and drop the guns, yet the fish or whatever they are keep on getting blown up.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene with the Lands, the handles on Barbara's bag continually switch from up to down.

Mars Attacks! mistake picture

Factual error: Casey arrives at the desert landing in a jeep that is flagged with 4 stars (for a 4 star general) although he is only a 3 star general (as evident by the 3 stars on his shoulder boards).


Factual error: When the President holds the meeting in the room where all the countries are on the back wall in blue, Australia is not only the wrong shape (too long) but the wrong way around (the rounded part should be on the other side)


Continuity mistake: When we first meet Lands in the casino, Art sticks a cigarette in his mouth. But in the next shot when he hands Barbara some chips the cigarette disappears.

Brooks Jr.

Other mistake: In the scene where they are at the church, the church looks tiny when compared to the car outside. When the camera shows inside the church it's much bigger.

Other mistake: In the English DVD subtitles, during Jason Stone's reporting at the landing, his line about "many" is mistranscribed "may".


Continuity mistake: When the Martians are attacking the people in Nevada, the truck which Natalie is on falls to the ground, but when Jason runs to save her it's back on its wheels.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When the two boys finds the dead Martian in their bedroom at the end of the film, there's that green stuff on his brain but in the next shot, when they push the Martian and he falls into the street, the brain is clean.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: The first time we see Tom Jones' backup dancers, they are about three feet apart. In the next shot, they are directly next to each other.