Mars Attacks!

Trivia: The look of the movie is based on a collection of Topps trading cards.

Trivia: This is just something interesting - during the movie there are 2 aliens that are referred to as "Ben Der" and "Dun Dat" (been there, done that).

Trivia: The U.S military was asked at first to supply things such as ships, planes, and soldiers for the movie, so it can be authentic in a military sense. The military did not cooperate, however, because it made it seem as though Slim Whitman (whose song "Indian Love Call" finally defeated the aliens) would be more effective at fighting alien invaders than the United States military.

Trivia: Director Tim Burton, who had stayed in the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas on numerous occasions, decided to immortalize its final moments in "Mars Attacks". At one time owned by Howard Hughes, the landmark was demolished by the city of Las Vegas and the land used for a parking lot. The implosion, done by the world renowned Controlled Demolition, Inc., was played for comic effect as the result of an alien attack.

Trivia: There was no dialogue written for the Martians, so Frank Welker completely improvised his own language for them.

Other mistake: When the general passes the clipboard to the President to sign the nuclear release, the clipboard is actually upside-down. (00:55:55)

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Rude Gambler: You wanna conquer the world, you're going to need lawyers, right?

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