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Twelve Monkeys picture

Trivia: The director chose Bruce Willis for the part for his ability to bring certain emotional themes into the diehard movie. He wanted that, but he also made a list of "Bruce Willis Cliches" he didn't want in the movie, including the "Iron Blue stare"

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The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain picture

Trivia: When Thomas Two-Stroke is inspecting the car, he surreptitiously breaks something, then claims he has found the problem and shows them the offending piece of the engine. When the two Englishmen ask what it is, he replies that he doesn't know what it is in English, but gives them the supposed name in Welsh. Translated literally, it means "what's it called" - basically, a thingamijig.

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Sudden Death picture

Trivia: At the time of the movie's release, nearly all the players from the Pitsburgh Penguins depicted in the film (Luc Robitaille, Ulf Samelsson, Greg Hawgood, etc), were no longer with the Penguins. They were all either traded, went free agent or released.

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Darkman II: The Return of Durant picture

Trivia: Executive Producer Sam Raimi reportedly told co-star Larry Drake that despite his character Durant being killed off a second time at the end of this film, there were plans to bring him back in a later installment once again. Essentially, Durant would become Darkman's version of the Joker or the Green Goblin- a recurring arch-nemesis that never "truly" dies, and is always brought back to life one way or another. Unfortunately, after the release of the third film, no further sequels were commissioned, so this idea never came to be.

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The Crossing Guard picture

Trivia: The movie concludes with a dedication to "My friend, Charles Bukowski. I miss you, S.P." Sean Penn was a close friend of the writer and poet (S.P. stands for Sean Penn).

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Dangerous Minds picture

Trivia: There are articles on-line reporting the murder of "Marisela Gonzales", who was shot by her husband in San Pedro on October 11th or 12th, 2020. There are also questions if Marisela, who played "Angela" in "Dangerous Minds" (1985) is still alive. From the police reports, the correct spelling of the 28-year-old woman killed was "Marisela Gonzalez" - ending with a "z", not "s." The Marisela who played Angela was born in 1968, and is currently 52 - so, obviously, not the 28-year-old murder victim.


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Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh picture

Trivia: Bernard Rose, the director of the first film, wrote a script for this sequel that didn't focus on the Candyman character, but rather focused on the impact urban legends have on people. The studio felt the script was too cerebral and instead told Rose that people "just wanted to see Candyman eviscerate victims." A more traditional slasher-film script was then written and used.


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Tales From the Hood picture

Trivia: The priest in the story "KKK Comeuppance" is played by director Rusty Cundieff's father. Additionally, the woman who briefly plays Miss Cobbs at the end of the same story is played by Cundieff's mother.


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Leaving Las Vegas picture

Trivia: Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue were so dedicated to the film that she interviewed several real Las Vegas prostitutes while he went on a drinking binge to experience what might happen to his cognition and speech patterns.

Erik M.

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Runaway Brain picture

Trivia: When Dopey is killed by the Wicked Witch on the video game that Mickey is playing, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard.

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Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold picture

Trivia: Scream Queen Michelle Bauer makes an appearance as one of the scientists.


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Ebbie picture

Trivia: When Elizabeth "Ebbie" Scrooge lets her hair down at the near end it's a sign she's shaking off her mean businesswoman persona and going back to the kind, caring self of her youth.


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First Knight picture

Trivia: Prince Malagant describes the oubliette where he imprisons Guinevere as just having "walls of air." This is a reference to the fate of Merlin, who was sealed away in a "prison of air."

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