Best family movie factual errors of 1994

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The Santa Clause picture

Factual error: Finishing his rounds on the morning of Christmas Day, flying over downtown Chicago, the sun is over the horizon west of Chicago, Sunrises occur in the east, not the west. (00:26:10)


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D2: The Mighty Ducks picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie, they show a bunch of ducks flying. Those are not ducks, they are geese.

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The Lion King picture

Factual error: When Mufasa is showing Simba the kingdom from Pride Rock they are facing the sun, yet Pride Rock's shadow is visible below them. Also in the same position, you see that they have shadows behind them. Then a few seconds later when Simba sees the shadow area the shadows are in front of them while you can see part of the sun to their left side. They would be facing south when the sun is east. How are their shadows in front of them?

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Little Big League picture

Factual error: Under the rules of Major League Baseball, a team owner cannot also serve as the team's manager; it constitutes a conflict of interest.

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The Next Karate Kid picture

Factual error: When Eric goes to help the guy who got hurt after bungee jumping at the dance, the guy's line is long enough to allow him to lay flat on the ground. If it was really that long he would have crashed into the floor and not gone back up.

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Blank Check picture

Factual error: The Indiana plate on the rich guy's car had an incorrect serial number. The "Amber Waves of Grain" plates had the format 1 or 2 numbers (county code), then a letter in small font, followed by more numbers. The plate on his car was all numbers.

Jason Sieberg

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Trading Mom picture

Factual error: In the flower garden when Elizabeth, Jeremy and Harry return after they become disappointed with "outdoors" Mom, Miss Cavour shows them a flower she calls a zinnia, but it is actually a morning glory. A related error is that morning glories don't come in multiple colors on one vine. (00:21:00)

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Getting Even With Dad picture

Factual error: Macaulay Culkin hides the gold coins in the duffel bag of a mall mannequin, Problem is, gold is heavy. It would rip the plastic arm, the duffel bag, or yank the mannequin over (and assumes store people won't change it anyway).


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Angels in the Outfield picture

Factual error: Roger's dad says when the "Angels win the pennant." During the last final scene/regular season game, after the win, Ranch Wilder announces that "the Angels won the pennant." They would have to have won the American League Championship Series in order to win the pennant.

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