Best movie mistakes of 1991

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Toy Soldiers picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film when a Judge is thrown out of the airplane, you can see a parachute is attached to him.

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The Hard Way picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the cop car chasing the tow truck does a complete flip in the air, a roll bar is clearly seen where there was none before.

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Life Stinks picture

Continuity mistake: In the "Corn Scene" when Pepto is eating with the bums, and he tells the bum that he has a piece of corn on his face, during cuts a white plastic knife suddenly appears beside his bowl.

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The Butcher's Wife picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when Dr. Alex Tremor goes to see Marina Lemke, he enters her apartment and it is light outside. He stays only long enough to have a 5 minute argument with her. As he exits her building, it is very dark.

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Oscar picture

Other mistake: After Nora leaves with the wrong bag, Snaps calls the Underwood home to ask someone to come over and switch them back. Later, Nora herself returns and Aldo makes the switch for her. Then the Underwood chauffeur comes to trade the bags, and Aldo does this for him. But Aldo would've known that Nora had already retrieved the correct bag, so why would he change them back?


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Basket Case 3: The Progeny picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where the grandmother and the monsters stop at a variety store in the tinted bus a camera man can be seen. As the bus pulls away, you can see the camera man standing there filming the scene quite clearly in the reflection of the bus windows as it pulls away. (00:24:30)

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Daddy picture

Continuity mistake: When Oliver puts the divorce papers in his jacket he puts them in his LEFT hand breast pocket. When he hands them to Charlotte he takes them out of his RIGHT hand breast pocket.


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The Marrying Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Alec Baldwin finds Kim Basinger in Las Vegas, she is wearing a white dress with thin straps. One strap is continually off her shoulder - except for one shot after he has followed her into her dressing room. They shoot her back, and both straps are up. All other shots have the one strap off her shoulder.

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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky picture Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Captain is tripped over by Ricky, his face lands on a plank of wood with nails sticking out of it. In the shot of his face getting impaled with the nails, we can see that the Captain has been replaced with a dummy. (00:08:50)

Casual Person

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Curly Sue picture

Visible crew/equipment: Toward the end of the movie Curly Sue comes back home from the orphanage. She sees the letter from Bill and begins to walk slowly to the living room - look left to the screen and you will notice something drop from above kinda looks like something silver, maybe a boom mic.

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The Fisher King picture The Fisher King mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Jack approaches Parry's bed, a crew member is seen on the right hand side of the shot wearing a walkie talkie. He inches out of frame in 3 or four seconds. (01:51:05)


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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West picture

Continuity mistake: After a passing train disturbs the Mousekewitz's home and extinguishes their candle, Papa strikes a match and lights it up. He tosses the match somewhere offscreen, but one shot later it appears right in front of his feet. (00:04:55)


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Return to the Blue Lagoon picture

Character mistake: When the Tradewind arrives at the island, captain Hilliot says, "They might not be civilized," to which Richard replies, "Civilized: c-i-v-i-l-i-Z-I-D."


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Alligator II: The Mutation picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Brown's limo leaves the scene following Speed's police car, set lights and camera crew are reflected in the side of the vehicle. (00:59:25)

Sammo Premium member

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Sangatsu no raion picture

Continuity mistake: In the first meeting with the man with the hat, Ice puts one foot on the portable cooler, but the position of the foot on the floor changes when there's a cut. Even more obvious, when she steps in front of him, the tip of her red stilettos touch his feet, but at the cut their tips are distant, and she moves in with her right foot first, as opposed as before. (00:09:15)

Sammo Premium member

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Lena's Holiday picture

Other mistake: Despite Lena's cab driver and his wife both being Armenian, the wife's speaking Spanish.


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A Brief History of Time picture

Factual error: Hawking explains how time slows as one approaches a black hole's event horizon. To illustrate this a CGI-animated analog wristwatch is shown ticking away the seconds progressively more slowly. It's the kind of watch that ticks intermittently: once each second the hand sweeps one second-long increment around the dial and then waits one more second to sweep another increment. In the animation, the frequency of the ticks lessens, but the speed at which the hand sweeps each increment stays the same. To be consistent, the sweep-speed needs to slow down just as much as the tick-frequency. (00:36:30)

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Mannequin: On the Move picture

Continuity mistake: When Jason and The Count duel, the cut on Jason's cheek is already there before The Count cuts him there. By that point, Jason was only cut on the shoulder.


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Switch picture

Continuity mistake: When the red haired woman is undressing to enter the jacuzzi to kill the guy, her red dress is either on top of the white robe, or next to it, depending on the shot.

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