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Jaws picture Jaws mistake picture

Other mistake: On the death certificate for Chrissie, the shark's first victim, the date of death is July 1st. But later, on the reward paper posted by the boy's mother, it says that the date of Alex's death was June 29th. Alex died after Chrissie, not before. Also, the form refers to the coroner as the "corner," and Jun 29th 1974 was a Saturday, not Sunday. (00:09:05 - 00:18:10)

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Posse picture

Other mistake: There's a horse that has apparently ridden up a cliff, and an electrical burning brand that can be changed onto different flame settings.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show picture The Rocky Horror Picture Show mistake picture

Other mistake: After Frank releases Dr. Scott from the Triple Contact Electro Magnet, Janet and Rocky are heard giggling in Rocky's birthtank. As Frank walks over to the tank, the right magnet pops out again just before it goes off-screen. (01:02:45)

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail picture

Other mistake: It's revealed that the Knights who say Ni can't say "it" (at least, after they become the Knights Who Say... that other thing), but they still say "it," most notably when they're telling Arthur to place the second shrubbery next to the first one - "When you have found another shrubbery, you must place IT here, beside this shrubbery..."


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Suggested correction: They aren't the Knights Who Can't Say "It" - they are the knights who are determined to be a pain in the **** regardless. They are going to be as big a nuisance as they can to anyone who comes along and pretending they can't say "it" is just their latest tactic.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest picture

Other mistake: In the scene where the Chief smothers McMurphy, when the Chief pulls the pillow away from McMurphy's face, you can see McMurphy's tongue moving up and down even though he is supposed to be dead. (02:03:45)

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Trilogy of Terror picture

Other mistake: Though he'd been a fixture in Dan Curtis productions for years, actor John Karlen's name was accidentally misspelled "Karlin" in this TV movie's closing credits. (01:09:00)

Jean G

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The Eiger Sanction picture

Other mistake: When Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy are climbing the chimney rock during training, the climbing rope attached to Clint is well above him. He is the lead climber and the rock had not been climbed before, so the rope should be below him.

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Terror of Mechagodzilla picture

Other mistake: In the early scene where the submarine has surfaced, titanosaurus emerges from the water and seems to be standing on the ocean floor. Just a few minutes earlier, the sub was at a depth of 250 meters, ergo the dino has to be walking on water.


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Race With the Devil picture

Other mistake: Clay Tanner plays Jack Henderson in this film, yet the end credits list him as "Delbert".

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Meng long zheng dong picture

Other mistake: Peter Chang is billed in the opening credits as the one and only Fighting Instructors, plural.

Sammo Premium member

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Hard Times picture

Other mistake: Bronson arrives in town hitching a ride in a boxcar. He hops off and begins walking along a different track. In the next shot, you can see in the background the same freight train he left, already moving in the opposite direction. (00:02:10)

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