Trilogy of Terror

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

6 mistakes

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Audio problem: In the third segment when Amelia is getting chewed on by the doll, her screams are out of sync with her mouth.

Lynette Carrington

Other mistake: Though he'd been a fixture in Dan Curtis productions for years, actor John Karlen's name was accidentally misspelled "Karlin" in this TV movie's closing credits. (01:09:00)

Jean G

Revealing mistake: Segment 2: After the doctor pulls off her wig and long after any residual movement from that action should be possible, the "dead" Therese moves her head slightly on the pillow. (00:43:50)

Jean G

Continuity mistake: Segment 3: The scratches on Amelia's face disappear, reappear and change positions throughout her ordeal with the killer Zuni fetish doll. (01:05:40)

Jean G

Visible crew/equipment: Segment 2: During Therese's conversation with the doctor, part of the boom rigging can be seen overhead, glinting in the studio lights. (Trilogy is a TV movie, so it's not a theater projectionist's error.) (00:34:30)

Jean G

Visible crew/equipment: Segment 2: When Millicent talks to the lawyer in the study, the microphone dips into shot above their heads. (Trilogy is a TV movie, so the mistake can't be dismissed as a theater projectionist's error.) (00:29:05)

Jean G

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