Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Other mistake: It's revealed that the Knights who say Ni can't say "it" (at least, after they become the Knights Who Say... that other thing), but they still say "it," most notably when they're telling Arthur to place the second shrubbery next to the first one - "When you have found another shrubbery, you must place IT here, beside this shrubbery..."

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Other mistake: The Knights who say Ni can not stand to hear the word 'it', yet the Head Knight of Ni says 'it' three or four times, and there is no reaction from the other knights of Ni.

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Other mistake: When King Arthur and his knights arrive at the French castle, and Arthur starts talking to the French taunting guard, look at Galahad; he licks his lips a couple of times to hide the fact he is trying not to smile.

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