Best TV visible crew/equipment of 1972

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The Promise - S3-E11

Visible crew/equipment: Once the ledge rescue is over, after Johnny tells Brackett that he could put in a good word for him to join the paramedic program, when Roy opens the squad door to get in, the wing mirror offers up nice reflections of a few crew members.

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Welcome to Korea (60 mins.) - S4-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Frank climbs into the jeep belonging to Major General Cornell Dickering, the MPs show up at the same time that BJ and Hawkeye walk up to join the fun, and during this scene there's a T-mark (albeit a dusty one) on the ground at the driver's side of the jeep.

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Are You Being Served? picture

The Father Christmas Affair - S4-E7

Visible crew/equipment: When Mr Humprhries is talking about the whereabouts of Mr Grainger, explaining about the inability to remove the Al Jolson make up, you can see John Inman looking up before having his face shadowed by a boom mike.

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The Bob Newhart Show picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: In season 2, episode 6, "Have You Met Miss Dietz?", at 0:07:45 into the episode, the camera is on Carol sitting at her desk talking. Behind her, you see a shadow of someone walking by. (My guess is that it was Jerry Robinson getting into position to enter the scene about 23 seconds later from that same location.) (00:07:45)

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Sanford and Son picture

Sergeant Gork - S5-E23

Visible crew/equipment: As Bruinhilda starts to come out to do her number, the shadow of the boom mike is on the wall.

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Kung Fu pictureKung Fu mistake picture

The Brujo - S2-E4

Visible crew/equipment: When the crow is on the cross Caine tells the crowd there's nothing to be afraid of in a bird, and just as he explains that it's only a creature of the earth, the shadow of the animal trainer can be seen motioning to the trained bird, then it flies off and lands on the trainer's hand. Funny to see Caine and the crowd turn and pretend to watch the bird fly in the opposite direction. (00:28:10)

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