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In the Heat of the Night picture

Chief Gillespie: What do they call you up there?
Virgil Tibbs: They call me MISTER Tibbs!

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Camelot picture

King Arthur: Merlyn told me once, "Never be too disturbed if you don't understand what a woman is thinking. They don't do it very often."

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The Dirty Dozen picture

Major John Reisman: And where is Donald Duck?
Samson Posey: Donald Duck's down at the crossroads with a machine gun.
Major John Reisman: He'd better not be asleep or we all be in trouble, huh.

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Wait Until Dark picture

Mike Talman: Damn it, you act as if you're in kindergarten! This is the big bad world, full of mean people, where nasty things happen.
Susy Hendrix: Now you tell me.

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The Jungle Book picture

Mowgli: Oh, Baloo, I wanna stay with you.
Baloo: Certainly, you do.
Bagheera: Oh? And just how do you think he will survive?
Baloo: "How do you think he will... " What do you mean how do you think he... He's with me, ain't he? And I'll learn him all I know.
Bagheera: Oh? That shouldn't take too long.

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Bedazzled picture

George Spiggott: In the words of Marcel Proust - and this applies to any woman in the world: If you can stay up and listen with a fair degree of attention to whatever garbage, no matter how stupid it is, that they're coming out with, 'til ten minutes past four in the morning... you're in.

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To Sir, with Love picture

Mark Thackeray: If you apologize because you are afraid, then you're a child, not a man.

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Two for the Road picture

Mark Wallace: If there's one thing I really despise, it's an indispensable woman.

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Carry On Doctor picture

Biddle: Nurse I dreamt about you last night.
Nurse Clarke: Did you?
Biddle: No, you wouldn't let me.

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Hour of the Gun picture

Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: You gonna be all right?
Dr. John 'Doc' Holliday: Except for a slight dying spell.

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Fathom picture

Fathom Harvill: The name's Fathom Harvill.
Mike, Owner of Casa Miguel: Fathom? How'd you get a name like Fathom?
Fathom Harvill: It's short for Elizabeth.

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Quatermass and the Pit picture

Barbara Judd: We are the Martians now.

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Clambake picture

Scott Heyward: Will you check by the desk and see if that package arrived yet?
Tom Wilson: First thing. If it's here I'll send it to you toot sweet. That's French for pronto.

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The Million Eyes of Sumuru picture

Sumuru: I have a million eyes... For I am Sumuru.

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The Graduate picture

Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?

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The War Wagon picture

Frank Pierce: Injuns don't blow bridges.

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One Born Every Minute picture

Mordecai Jones: Educational Credits: "M.B.S., C.S., D.D. - Master of Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing and Dirty-Dealing!"

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Thoroughly Modern Millie picture

Miss Dorothy Brown: Oh, I do hope he won't be an addict. I mean with all that dope.
Millie Dillmount: It didn't hurt Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

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The Reluctant Astronaut picture

Donelli: Fleming, you've been here two weeks now, and I don't think your mind has been on your work for one second.
Roy Fleming: Uh, um, well to tell you the truth, sir, my heart really isn't in this.
Donelli: We are not interested in your heart, Fleming! We want your elbow grease.

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Marat/Sade picture

Herald: The revolution came and went, And unrest was replaced by discontent.

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