Thoroughly Modern Millie
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Mrs. Meers: Pook.

Trevor Graydon: Swell! Just swell.

Jimmy Smith: Be my stenog?
Millie Dillmount: Oh, no. I don't want to be your equal anymore. I want to be a woman. A dandy little bundle for a fellow to cuddle. You think Miss Dorothy has curls? You wait.

Muzzy Van Hossmere: Follow your heart, no raspberries.

Mrs. Meers: Sad to be all alone in the world.

Jimmy Smith: My, what lovely elbows you have, Miss Flannery.
Miss Flannery: From my mother's side of the family.

Miss Dorothy Brown: Operator, you have obviously never been in a Chinese opium den.

Jimmy Smith: Does he have a pet name for you?
Millie Dillmount: Yes! John.
Jimmy Smith: John?
Millie Dillmount: John.
Jimmy Smith: John, that's not very romantic.
Millie Dillmount: No, but it's modern.

James Van Hossmere: What do you want for a wedding present, Mrs. Van Hossmere?
Millie Van Hossmere: A checkbook, by jingo. Rich people can nickel and dime you to death.

Jimmy Smith: You think that...?
Trevor Graydon: I do.
Jimmy Smith: You don't mean...?
Trevor Graydon: I'm afraid.
Jimmy Smith: Then by now she could be.
Trevor Graydon: Yes.

Miss Dorothy Brown: Oh, I do hope he won't be an addict. I mean with all that dope.
Millie Dillmount: It didn't hurt Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

Millie Dillmount: I like you.
Jimmy Smith: And I like you, by jingo.

Muzzy Van Hossmere: Myself, I prefer to sleep in the all-together.

Millie Dillmount: Terrif! Ooh, delish.

Revealing mistake: When Jimmy and Millie are sitting on the ledge of the building she works in, Jimmy leans forward, and the top of his head disappears - or actually fades into the background.

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Trivia: During the title sequence, as Millie is buying a pack of cigarettes from a vendor her undergarment breaks, the vendor stares at her in surprise, and she does a slight curtsy and walks away. When the film was originally released, that was followed by a quick shot of the vendor looking down and seeing Millie's broken undergarment lying on the sidewalk, but for some unknown reason that shot has been deleted, at least from the version on VHS and the one shown on TV. (I don't know whether it is included on DVD.).

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