Best TV continuity mistakes of 1963

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Doctor Who picture

100,000 BC - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Ian and Barbara enter the TARDIS for the first time, Susan operates the door switch. Later on, when the Doctor electrocutes Ian, he uses the exact same switch.

Matty W
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The Fugitive picture

The Judgment (2) - S4-E29

Continuity mistake: In flashback, we see the one-armed man kill Helen Kimble by striking her with a heavy lamp. All through the earlier seasons, though, we were repeatedly told that Helen had been strangled. (00:28:50)

Jean G
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The Outer Limits picture

The Premonition - S2-E16

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the second crash, when the pilot and his wife "borrow" the jeep to return to the base, the shot is flipped, reversing the positions of the husband and wife in a mirror image of the real vehicle, placing the "driver" in the passenger position and the spare tire, which should be on the near side, is now on the far side. In the next shot, as the vehicle nears the base, everything suddenly resumes the correct perspective.

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General Hospital picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: During the 12/29/04 episode, Emily goes to look for Conner. Emily goes to a carpentry shop and asks the owner if he has seen Conner. She tells the owner that Conner "just moved here from Canada." Acually, she's looking for him in Canada. In the next scene, the show gets it right, and the owner asks Conner "Is that why you left the States?"

Allyson Premium member
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Burke's Law picture

Who Killed the Rest? - S2-E25

Continuity mistake: When Burke's partners arrive to question Mimsy Grove, she's facing away from them, bending over to untangle her boat's mooring line. But in the very next shot, she's immediately standing up straight and has turned around to face them. (00:38:15)

Jean G
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