My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian (1963)

2 mistakes in season 1

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Oh, My Aching Antenna - S1-E33

Continuity mistake: Even though Tim and Uncle Martin live on the 2nd floor at Mrs. Brown's above the garage, every view outside the living room window with the sheer drapes shows the house across the street from a ground floor perspective. This happens in multiple episodes.

The Matchmakers - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When Martin uses telepathy to tell George's girlfriend how to open the window, the two wires attached to the bows on the dog's floppy ears are visible. (00:05:05)

Super Grover Premium member

Uncle Martin: We don't have love at first sight on Mars. Either it was too silly to bother with, or it was something we discarded in our Dusk Ages.
Tim O'Hara: You mean the Dark Ages?
Uncle Martin: We were never that primitive.

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