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The Longest Day picture

Pluskat: Lieutenant-Colonel, the invasion is here! Five thousand ships! There-there must be over five thousand ships out there!
Ocker: Now get a hold of yourself, Pluskat. The Americans and the British don't even have half that many ships altogether.
Pluskat: Dammit, if you don't believe me, then come up here and see for yourself! This is fantastic. It's incredible! I-I just can't believe it!
Ocker: My dear Pluskat, what course are those ships on?

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To Kill A Mockingbird picture

Atticus Finch: Did you rape Mayella Ewell?
Tom Robinson: I did not, sir.
Atticus Finch: Did you harm her in any way?
Tom Robinson: I did not.

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Ride the High Country picture

Gil Westrum: Don't worry about? about anything. I'll take care of it, just like you would have.
Steve Judd: Hell, I know that. I always did... You just forgot it for a while, that's all.

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The Miracle Worker picture

Annie Sullivan: Pity? For this tyrant? The whole house turns on her whims! Is there anything she wants she doesn't get? I'll tell you what I pity: that the sun won't rise and set for her all her life, and every day you're telling her it will! What good will your pity do when you're under the strawberries, Captain Keller?

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The Manchurian Candidate picture

Marco: It's not that Raymond Shaw is hard to like. He's impossible to like.

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Dr. No picture

Photographer: You'll be sorry! You'll all be sorry, you rats.

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance picture

Tom Doniphon: Whoa, take 'er easy there, Pilgrim.

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In Search of the Castaways picture

Lord Glenarvan: On my soul, I don't know which is worse: a crazy man who thinks he's smart, or a Frenchman who admits he's stupid.

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Advise and Consent picture

Bob Munson: Mr. President, with the chair's permission, I shall be very brief.
The Vice President: The chair gladly gives any senator permission to be brief.

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Cape Fear picture

Max Cady: I got somethin' planned for your wife and kid that they ain't nevah gonna forget. They ain't nevah gonna forget it... and neither will you, Counselor! Nevah.

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The Magic Sword picture

Sir Branton: Was it magic?
Lodac: No. Not magic.
Sir Branton: Then how did George escape?
Lodac: I think... yes. Something stronger than magic. The power of Patrick's faith.

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Knife in the Water picture

Krystyna: So, you do know how to swim.

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Mutiny on the Bounty picture

Captain Bligh: While our mission remains unfulfilled I'm not in any port, Mr Fryer, I'm command where you may find one day it's always lonely. You see, command allows no intimacies. You can hardly expect unquestioning obedience from last night's partner in a debauch.

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The Brain That Wouldn't Die picture

Dr. Cortner: The Superintendent had it out with me. He thinks it's you who's been stealing those limbs from the amputee operations.
Dr. Bill Cortner: So what if it is?

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How the West Was Won picture

Zeb Rawlings: Take a good look. You wanted a war, mister, you got one. I hope you're the first man killed in it.

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Day of the Triffids picture

Bill Masen: Feel guilty, hmmm?
Christine Durrant: Maybe.
Bill Masen: You know why?
Christine Durrant: Why?
Bill Masen: Because you survived. Bettina, Coker and all the rest dead. And you're alive, and you wonder why.
Christine Durrant: That's exactly right.
Bill Masen: Yeah, I know the feeling. During the war, you get a ship shot out from underneath you. All your friends gone, and only a handful left. And you ask yourself "Why me? Why not someone better?"

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King Kong vs Godzilla picture

Furue: What's happening?
Osamu Sakurai: Giant octopus. Hurry.

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Carnival of Souls picture

Mrs. Thomas: You just let your imagination run away with you.

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The 300 Spartans picture

Xerxes, Persian King: It was my father's dream. One world, one master. But to Marathon ten years ago he sent a mere wave. I am leading an ocean.

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Lawrence of Arabia picture

T.E. Lawrence: Do you think I'm just anybody, Ali? Do you?

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