Panic in Year Zero!

Panic in Year Zero! (1962)


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Dr. Powell Strong: Now, you stay on the back roads. And you keep your gun handy. Our country is still full of thieving, murdering patriots.

Ann Baldwin: I know I should be grateful we're still alive, but... I love you, Harry, but not more than a future without hope. I've got to have hope to go on. I've got to know there are other people like us, like our children. People who are better than just animals.

Harry Baldwin: The war's over - we won.
Dr. Powell Strong: Well, ding, ding for us.

Rick Baldwin: There's nothing like eating under the open sky... even if it is radioactive.

Ann Baldwin: Intelligent people don't just turn their backs on the rest of the world.
Harry Baldwin: Under these conditions, intelligent people will be the first to try.

Continuity mistake: As Harry stands at the side of the traffic-filled back road, shots of panicked people fleeing down the two lane highway are used to convey the desperation of folks' attempts to flee the coast, except the shots used show four lanes of an eight-lane freeway.

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