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The Vikings picture

Trivia: The three Viking ships in the film were designed using blueprints for an actual Viking ship salvaged from the water and restored by a Viking museum in Norway. It turned out that the boats built for the film were too accurate, because the modern actors were taller than their historical counterparts. Every second oar hole had to be plugged so the modern men would have room to row with a full oar stroke. Otherwise, they would hit the backs of the oarsmen seated in front of them when pushing the oar handles forward to start each new stroke.

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South Pacific picture

Trivia: Director Joshua Logan originally wanted Elizabeth Taylor to play Nellie.

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Vertigo picture

Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock appears 11 mins into the film walking past the building James Stewart is about to enter.

James Warrender
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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof picture

Trivia: Brick's (Paul Newman) latent homosexuality seems to be purposely avoided in the movie's screenplay, as opposed to the original Williams play. Probably so as not to offend sensitive 50's audiences. Modern audiences will more than likely pick up the signs and wonder ' he?'.

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Ice Cold In Alex picture

Trivia: The Ice Cold in Alex refers to an Ice Cold Carlsberg lager when they reach their destination - the final scene, where they get their ice cold lager was later used by Carlsberg in an advertising campaign.

Jeff Walker
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The Big Country picture

Trivia: Burl Ives plays Rufus Hannassey, the father of Buck Hannassey (Chuck Connors). In real life, Ives was only 11 years older than Connors.

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Dracula picture

Trivia: Christopher Lee only has 13 lines of dialogue in the movie.

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The Old Man and the Sea picture

Trivia: Spencer Tracy's hair was not naturally white when they first started filming "The Old Man and the Sea"; so, his hair was cosmetically bleached white for the part of Santiago. However, after a grueling two years in production and his lapse back into alcoholism, Tracy's hair naturally turned white by the time they finished the film.

Charles Austin Miller
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Separate Tables picture

Trivia: David Niven won the Best Actor Academy Award for his role of Major Angus Pollock, even though he had only 16 minutes of screen time.

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Trivia: Dave Barry voices Elmer Fudd in this cartoon as Arthur Q. Bryan was ill during production.

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Tot Watchers picture

Trivia: The final Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon produced or directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

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Knighty Knight Bugs picture

Trivia: The only Bugs Bunny cartoon to win an Academy Award.

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Carry on Sergeant picture

Trivia: The first film in the "Carry On" series. It had not originally been planned as the start of a movie series, but after its success at the box-office, producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas set about a further project with "Carry On Nurse" (1959), which was enormously successful. The "Carry On" series of films evolved after that.

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