Carry on Sergeant

Carry on Sergeant (1958)

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Continuity mistake: When Strong is going through all the medical tests, he is taken out of cubicle one and his vest is down past his shoulders. Camera cuts and it's back on normally.


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Audio problem: When Strong is running away from Norah he passes the Sgt. The screams he is making are overdubbed as his mouth isn't moving.


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Continuity mistake: Strong bangs his fist on the table in the doctor's office and his fist remains closed. Camera cuts to behind Strong just as Matron dismisses Strong and his hand is slightly open.


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Continuity mistake: When the Bayonet is thrown at Strong, it is thrown with the butt of the rifle facing left, but is caught with the butt facing right.


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Captain Potts: Carry on Sergeant.



The first film in the "Carry On" series. It had not originally been planned as the start of a movie series, but after its success at the box-office, producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas set about a further project with "Carry On Nurse" (1959), which was enormously successful. The "Carry On" series of films evolved after that.