The Old Man and the Sea

Continuity mistake: When the old man goes out fishing, after 84 days with no luck, one of his four lines catches a fish, but the fish drags the line out of the black ring, which it was tied to, but when the old man goes to the rod, the line is still there - which it shouldn't be.

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Continuity mistake: After the old man has brought his fish in - really only the skeleton, after the sharks and other fish have devoured the fish - he goes straight to bed. The next morning, the boy goes to the bar and asks for coffee, with milk and sugar. But when the boy pours the coffee into a small tin cup, it is black, not a drop of milk to be seen.

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For close-ups of the giant marlin swimming near the skiff, Warner Brothers committed to building a giant, realistic, mechanical marlin with moving fins and tail, which was going to be deployed in actual open-ocean shots. Unfortunately, the first time it was lowered into Gulf Stream waters off the coast of Cuba, the elaborate mechanical marlin immediately sank and was never seen again. Thereafter, they used the much-less-realistic static marlin model that bobbed on the surface like a cork in a sound stage water tank (arguably the weakest scenes in the film).