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The Day the Earth Stood Still picture

Bobby Benson: Department of Commerce. She's a secretary. They have a man they call the Secretary, but he isn't at all. My mother's a real secretary.

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The African Queen picture

Charlie: All this fool talk about The Louisa. Goin' down the river.
Rose: What do you mean?
Charlie: I mean we ain't goin' to do nothin' of the sort.
Rose: Why, of course we're going! What an absurd idea.
Charlie: What an absurd idea! What an absurd idea! Lady, I may be a born fool, but you got ten absurd ideas to my one, an' don't you forget it.

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The Thing From Another World picture

Hendry: Do you really drink all those drinks?
Nikki: Um -hum.
Hendry: Every one of 'em? You didn't spill one?
Nikki: Uh -uh.
Hendry: Holy cats, I thought I was good.

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Alice in Wonderland picture

White Rabbit: Your Majesty, members of the jury, loyal subjects... and the King... the prisoner at the bar stands accused of enticing Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, into a game of croquet, thereby and with malice of forethought, molesting, tormenting, and otherwise annoying our beloved.
Queen of Hearts: Never mind all that! Get to the part where I lose my temper.
White Rabbit: ...thereby causing the Queen to lose her temper.

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A Christmas Carol picture

Spirit of Christmas Present: Come in! Come in, and know me better, man.

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Strangers on a Train picture

Bruno Anthony: When's the wedding?
Guy Haines: The what?
Bruno Anthony: The wedding. It's in the papers.
Guy Haines: Well, it shouldn't be. Not unless they legalized bigamy overnight.

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The Lavender Hill Mob picture

Pendlebury: By Jove, Holland, it's a good job we're both honest men.
Henry Holland: It is indeed, Pendlebury.

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The Man in the White Suit picture

Mrs. Watson, Sidney's landlady: Why can't you scientists leave things alone? What about my bit of washing when there's no washing to do?

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When Worlds Collide picture

David Randall: Here it is: money to burn.

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The Mating Season picture

Mr. Paget: It's the first of July, Mrs. McNulty.
Ellen McNulty: Already? Gee, June flied in a hurry. Isn't it?
Mr. Paget: So did May and April. The bank can't wait any longer.

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Flying Leathernecks picture

Maj. Daniel Xavier Kirby: Are we all buttoned up?
Joan Kirby: Cat's out... doors locked. All secure sir.

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An American in Paris picture

Henri Baurel: Be happy! You only find the right woman once.
Adam Cook: That many times?

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A Place in the Sun picture

Angela: Did you promise to be a good boy? Not to waste your time on girls?
George Eastman: I don't waste my time.

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Best of the Badmen picture

Doc Butcher: Step back, gents, and reflect on the joys of living.

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Yosemite Sam: I smell carrots a-cooking, and where there's carrots, there's rabbits.

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A Bear for Punishment picture

Junyer Bear: I will fill your favorite pipe for you, dear old dad, Pa. G-U-N-P-O-W-D-E-R, tobacco. I am a good speller, I am. C-A-T, dog. B-A-T, Rhode Island.

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Cheese Chasers picture

Hubie: Bert, an average mouse eats 12 pounds of cheese in a lifetime. I figure tonight we've lived 2000 years.

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Captain Horatio Hornblower picture

Surgeon Gundarson: You'll lose more than Hazlett if you don't put ashore for fresh food and water.
Capt. Horatio Hornblower, R.N: Perhaps you'll dig into your medical kit and get me a breath of fresh wind.

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Home Town Story picture

Iris Martin: I always treat men with respect so they do the same to me.
Slim Haskins: Let me know when that works.

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