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A Fistful of Dollars picture

Marisol: Why are you doing this for us?
Joe: Because I knew someone like you once and there was no-one there to help. Now, get moving.

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Home on the Range picture

Buck: Say, girls... got milk?

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The Unsinkable Molly Brown picture

Molly Brown: Sure I may be tuckered, and I may give out, but I won't give in.

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Dodge City picture

Rusty Hart: Well, well. So this is Dodge City, huh? Sort of smells like Fort Worth, don't it?
Wade Hatton: Oh, that's not the city you smell. That's you! We better get you to a bathtub before somebody shoots you for a buffalo.

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Lonely Are the Brave picture

Jack Burns: This fellow wants action, I'm glad to accommodate him, do it with one arm behind my back. Any of you boys interfere, I'll use both arms.

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How the West Was Won picture

Zeb Rawlings: Take a good look. You wanted a war, mister, you got one. I hope you're the first man killed in it.

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Ride the High Country picture

Steve Judd: I don't want them to see this. I'll go it alone.

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Johnny Guitar picture

Johnny: There's only two things in this world that a 'real man' needs: a cup of coffee and a good smoke.

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Near Dark picture

Loy Colton: Caleb, those people back there, they wasn't normal. Normal folks, they don't spit out bullets when you shoot 'em, no sir.

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The War Wagon picture

Lomax: You got a bargain, Big Man.
Taw Jackson: How's that?
Lomax: Two five-hundred dollar days for the price of one.

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Australia picture

Drover: We're not really used to...
Lady Sarah Ashley: A woman? I suppose you think I should be back in Darwin, at the church fete or a lady's whatever you call it. Well I will have you know, I am as capable as any man.
Drover: Guests. We're not used to guests is what I was about to say, but now that you mention it I happen to quite like the women of the outback.

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The Legend of Zorro picture

Joaquin: Woah! How did you learn to fight like that?!
Alejandro: Prison changes a man.

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Sukiyaki Western Django picture

Ringo: What can I say, I'm an anime otaku at heart."

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The Paleface picture

Potter: I've been chased by women before, but never when I was awake.

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Taza, Son of Cochise picture

Taza: It takes an Apache to watch an Apache.

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Gunman's Walk picture

Deputy Sheriff Will Motely: Lee, you and I grew up in our own times - Ed's got to learn to grow up in his, and times have changed.

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Go West picture

S. Quentin Quale: There's only one law in the west: the law of blood and bullets. It's either shoot or be shot. What are we gonna do?
Joseph Panello: Sue 'em.

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Cowboys & Aliens picture

Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde: The only one who knows what to say is in the ground. Isn't it enough that we took the time to put him there?

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