The Missing
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Samuel Jones: If I stay here very long, I might misbehave. Somebody might have to kill me.

Samuel: I didn't kill anyone! I said I didn't kill anyone! I am looking for my grand-daughter.
Lieutenant: Then tell me her damn name.
Samuel: I don't know her damn name.

Continuity mistake: This is actually in a deleted scene on the DVD: Jones shoots a mountain lion at night, and it's seen to be completely dark out. The two other men go out to look at it, but when they're walking across the snow, the sky is suddenly pale blue and there's light just below the horizon. It looks like it's just before dawn or just after sunset. But when they reach the dead mountain lion, the sky is suddenly black again, and it looks like it's the middle of the night.

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Trivia: The Missing is among very few mainstream films to feature authentic Apache language spoken.

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