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The Flash picture

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 - S4-E8

Stupidity: After the power cuts out, Thawne realises an obvious hiding spot and races to the secret room. He sees it's empty and just...stops looking? We literally just saw The Flash take a fraction of a second to scout out an entire enemy base we're told was 22km away! While he's dawdling in the secret room, Iris and Felicity get to Kara, knock out the guards, and get her down the corridor to the lift. He could have checked the entirety of Star Labs 10 times over in that time.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Supergirl picture

Medusa - S2-E8

Stupidity: At the beginning, James and Winn argue in whispers about who gets to tell Kara that James is the Guardian, a secret they've been keeping from her, both of them apparently forgetting that she has superhuman hearing.

Cubs Fan
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars picture

Show generally

Stupidity: Whenever General Grievous fights another lightsaber-user, there's almost always a moment with all the sabers crossed dramatically in front of both participants, one preventing the other striking a killing blow. Looks good, but utterly ridiculous, because he's got 4 arms and 4 lightsabers - he could easily block the blade in front of him with one or two arms, and simultaneously swipe at their head and legs, which no-one with two arms could ever defend against. Of course that would make for a lot of very short duels.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Batman picture

The Penguin's a Jinx (2) - S1-E4

Stupidity: Batman and Robin tore apart the umbrella looking for clues to the point of micro-analyzing the fabric and the ribs, but they did not look at all into the largest and most obvious hiding spot; the handle.

Sammo Premium member
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Star Trek: The Next Generation picture

Identity Crisis - S4-E18

Stupidity: When Riker and Worf are searching for Geordi on the holodeck, why don't they just terminate the program, instead of looking for him in the simulated jungle? Would have made it a heck of a lot easier to find him in the relatively small empty holodeck, invisible or not.

wizard_of_gore Premium member
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Magnum, P.I. picture

Ghost Writer - S2-E11

Stupidity: TC has been circling his helicopter for ages directly over the building, but nobody inside was aware of his presence until the plot required it.

Sammo Premium member
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Star Trek: Voyager picture

Unforgettable - S4-E22

Stupidity: When Kellin is hit with the neurolytic emitter, it erases her memories of the outside world. However, the effects aren't immediate and take some time (enough to get her to sick bay and have time to talk to Chakotay). However, she spends her time telling Chakotay to help her remember their relationship, etc. when her memory is gone instead of just making a recording of herself describing the relationship and her feeling which can then be shown to her after her memory is gone. She might not believe the recording, but seeing herself discuss the situation would be better than just relying on Chakotay (who will soon be a stranger she never met) telling her something so unbelievable.

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Star Trek picture

The Enemy Within - S1-E6

Stupidity: McCoy could have found out which one was the fake Kirk by just giving him a medical scan - the fake Kirk drank brandy. But them again he could have just smelled his breath.

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Batwoman picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Stupidity: Batman and his security guy Luke Fox have the worst IT security in America, since the security network of Wayne Enterprises has had the same password for years, and it is just six letters.

Sammo Premium member
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Titans picture

Nightwing - S2-E13

Stupidity: Donna runs in to save everyone from the collapsing pylon, dying in the process, despite the fact that Superboy or Raven, both more powerful/resilient, could have stopped it falling without any issues whatsoever. Not even like anyone was distracted - the fight was over, they were all just standing around.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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The Adventures of Tintin picture

The Secret of the Unicorn: Part 2 - S1-E4

Stupidity: When the Bird brothers are searching the treasure room for Tintin, one of them claims they have found him, and points. The other brother then shoots at him which was turns out to have just been a mirror reflection. The brothers then proceed to find Tintin and start by going straight forward, completely in a different direction than the mirror. If they wanted to find Tintin, wouldn't the more logical thing to do be simply look in the direction the mirror was pointing at? The whole point of a mirror is to reflect what is in front of it, so Tintin would probably have been standing in that direction anyway. (00:37:25)

Casual Person
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Star Trek: Picard picture

Maps and Legends - S1-E2

Stupidity: The super powerful Romulan commandos (no doubt with the help from the higher-ups infiltrated in the Federation) managed to touch up the footage of the fight in the roof so to remove every trace of the Romulan agents present. But Picard has been running, dodging blasts, ducking, and is knocked back by a huge explosion caught on camera and not deleted; we see it in this episode and it is unequivocally not caused by him. What is the point of going through subtly deleting every trace of the aggressors when it is transparent that something real happened and it's not all Picard's imagination? And the police simply take Picard back home from San Francisco to France without questioning him, not caring about investigating the explosion in the heart of the city involving a famous Admiral battling invisible enemies. If the conspiracy can erase anyone from the tape, why not erase Picard too, or the explosion and explain how he ended up K.O.'d differently?

Sammo Premium member
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Magnum P.I. picture

Bad Day to Be a Hero - S1-E10

Stupidity: With automatic weapons at the ready, doing a hit that takes less than 5 minutes (going by the hotel security footage), somehow one of the two robbers found time to give constant unnecessary update whatsapps to the guy in the car, with things like "Almost at the door" and"Keep the engine running" and "About to breach", all stuff that he didn't need at all for his job. Absolutely fantastic the "Meet you in garage" bit. To the getaway guy with his engine running in the garage. How logorrheic can you get? And those are trained Navy SEALs.

Sammo Premium member
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Saint Seiya picture

Shito! Kyofu no kokushiken - S1-E11

Stupidity: Hyoga hears the faint noise of the bells, but a moment later can't hear Seiya scream in the valley as he falls.

Sammo Premium member
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The Greatest American Hero picture

It's Only Rock and Roll - S3-E11

Stupidity: When the gangsters show up at the house Pam and Dak Hampton are hiding in, Pam is captured. Dak then attempts to flee by running out the front door. What a dumb move. No surprise that he got captured as well.

Gavin Jackson
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Rick and Morty picture

Meeseeks and Destroy - S1-E5

Stupidity: When Rick and Morty are in the giant's lair, the giant enters the kitchen, slips and bangs his head on the table which then kills him. The giant's wife then accuses Rick and Morty of attacking her husband and traps the duo in a glass and they get arrested by the police. Rick stated earlier in the scene that he had his portal gun with him, so he could have easily just opened a portal and they could have escaped before the police arrived. They knew the police were coming because they seen the wife calling the police after trapping them.

Casual Person
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The Legend of Zelda picture

The Ringer - S1-E1

Stupidity: As Link is watching Zelda from his tower, he's completely distracted and oblivious to the Moblins entering his room from the floor. They have the element of surprise and one sneaks up behind him. But rather than doing the smart thing and say, stabbing Link in the back or delivering a crushing blow from behind while Link is unaware of his presence, the Moblin simply just grabs him on the shoulder and puts his arms behind his back to hold him while the other Moblins go for the Triforce. Giving Link plenty of ability to kick one in the face, free himself and grab his weapon to fight them off. The Moblin should have just gone for the stealth kill, even if they aren't all that bright of an opponent. (00:02:10)

Quantom X Premium member
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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers picture

A Bad Reflection on You - S1-E38

Stupidity: The decision to risk revealing their identities to Bulk and Skull is one that the Rangers could have easily avoided. Since they tell the bullies to cover their eyes and ears, under the false pretense of a magic trick, they could have simply teleported to the Command Center, or any other secure location, and then morphed, well away from prying eyes.

Cubs Fan
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Lexx picture

I Worship His Shadow - S1-E1

Stupidity: At the start of the episode, the Brunnen-G planet is about to be under attack by His Shadow in a big ship that is capable of destroying the surface of the planet and everybody on it in under a minute with its fire power. It seems the Brunnen-G had time to respond, seeing as they send a counter measure against His Shadow... Except that they only send a single squadron of 6 fighters. Their planet is about to be obliterated by His Shadow's killer ship, and they only send up 6 fighters. And of course, they fail and all die except for Kai. (00:01:45)

Quantom X Premium member
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Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac picture

Die Kette des Nebels - S1-E4

Stupidity: In the original, the knight of the Phoenix suddenly appeared during the arena fights interrupting the show and stealing the Gold Cloth. In this remake of the saga, Sienna/Saori Kido leaves the arena by plane during a bombardment that occurs way before Nero/Ikki arrives to steal the Cloth. There is no reason why she would fly off in her VTOL without bringing the Golden Cloth with her, then (there's a lot of time for that). Instead she leaves it for the 4 Saints for them to "protect it", against a whole army and on foot in the middle of the desert.

Sammo Premium member
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