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Black Scorpion II: Aftershock picture

Character mistake: When Darcy walks into the police station the chief calls her Joan, the lead actress' real name, by mistake.


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It's a Wonderful Life picture

Character mistake: In every scene George is with Mary, she never once wears glasses. However, when he meets her coming from the library after he was never born, she is wearing glasses. George is shown how he has influenced all the people in Bedford Falls over his lifetime, but having Mary's eyesight degrade to the point of needing glasses isn't one of them.

Mike Lynch

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear picture

Character mistake: Flynn has been reading for a while, taking notes, spreading books around, etc. - when Nicole arrives and says that it was nice to watch take-off from the cockpit. The plane must have been in the air for a long time by then.

Jacob La Cour

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie, during "Provincial Life", we see a fat lady trying on a hat in a hat store. The sign over the window, in French, reads "Chapeau" (hat). The correct way to identify that store would have been "Chapeaux" (hats) or "Chapelier" (hatter).


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Jack and the Beanstalk picture

Character mistake: When Jack offers to sell his cow to the butcher, the butcher says "There isn't much meat on him." Jack points out that the cow is a "her", but after the sale, he says to the cow, "Be a good boy."

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Halloweentown picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Marnie states that she is 13 years old. When Grandma Aggie comes to visit, she tells Mom that it is Marnie's 13th Halloween. Since everyone celebrates their first Halloween before they turn one, if Marnie is 13 the events of this movie would occur on her 14th Halloween, meaning her powers would have faded by now.

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace picture

Character mistake: The Daily Planet newspaper headline "New publisher for your favourite paper" has "favourite" is spelled the British English way. Since Metropolis is in the United States it should be spelled "favorite."

Corey Citrin

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Braindead picture

Character mistake: When nurse McTavish checks mum's pulse, she uses her thumb. Any nurse worth her salt knows that thumbs have their own pulse and that one needs to use the index and middle finger to get an accurate pulse. (00:30:10)


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Home picture

Character mistake: Oh claims to not understand the word "my" when he is with Tip and always refers to her mom as "mymom" and "your mymom." But he seemed to understand the meaning of the word perfectly before because he talks about "my best friend Kyle" in his evite.

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Blithe Spirit picture

Character mistake: When Charles comes down to breakfast the evening after Elvira arrived, he comments to Ruth what a wonderful day it is, "not a cloud in the sky." But that's wrong; there's a low cloud bank and the rest is murky and gloomy.


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Hellboy picture

Character mistake: Tom Manning criticises Hellboy for using a lighter, (correctly) telling him to use a wooden match instead. But he then lights a match and immediately puts it to the cigar, instead of waiting for the sulphur to burn off and using a pure wood-fuelled flame to light it. He's not as well informed as he thinks.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picture

Character mistake: During the scene at the office of the University of Oxford, the Union Jack is hanged the opposite way from the proper position. (01:23:10)

Sammo Premium member

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Shedding picture

Character mistake: The Mother gave the Man (as Panda the cat) a bowl of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and apparently some chocolate syrup. Chocolate is toxic to cats and most cats are lactose-intolerant. A mature/adult person should be aware that "people food", in general, is not healthy for cats and certain foods (chocolate and cow's milk) are particularly bad and possibly fatal. (00:27:27)


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Suggested correction: This situation is actually more complicated in that the mother was seeing the man (her dead grandson), so wasn't really giving Panda the cat the ice cream. What can't be known is whether Panda as the man could eat ice cream with chocolate syrup and not get sick (e.g, vomit) after he turned back into a cat the same day.


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Ghostbusters 2 picture

Character mistake: At the psychiatric ward, Ray says that Vigo is a XVII century tyrant; it's not a very fitting way to describe him, since he saw the XVII century for just a decade; as the book mentioned, he lived from 1505 to 1610 and was the scourge of Carpathia for the XVI century. (01:16:15)

Sammo Premium member

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Highlander picture

Character mistake: When Brenda first witnesses Connor and the Kurgan fight, Kurgan says "I am the only one." Afterwards, Brenda asks "What does he mean by there can be only one?" She somehow misheard Kurgan and thought he said the movie's iconic catch phrase.

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Suggested correction: This is incorrect. He does say "There can be only one." He's saying it while beating Conner, so the first part is a little muddled and he emphasizes "one", but he does say the line.

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Nine Lives picture

Character mistake: When Tom goes into cardiac arrest, the doctor uses the defibrillator paddles on him, but she uses them whilst the hospital gown is still on him. A defibrillator must be used on bare skin if the electricity is supposed to get through to his heart. (01:08:55)

Casual Person

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Suggested correction: This has been submitted before and already corrected. She says "Henry, he was so excited." She's talking to Henry saying Duddit was excited.


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Somewhere In Time picture

Character mistake: According to her biography found in the library, Elise was born November 11, 1885, but William Robinson tells Richard that he met Elise when she was 16 years old, in March, 1903, at which time she would have been 17.

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