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Goldfinger picture

Stupidity: Oddjob brings the crushed cube of the Lincoln back to the stud farm so that Goldfinger can "separate my gold from the late Mr Solo." Oddjob could have simply removed the gold from the trunk of the Lincoln before having it crushed.

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Octopussy picture

Stupidity: When the saw yo-yo comes down for the third time, Bond grabs the cord to pull the wielder down off the gallery. That was, when you think about it, a patently bad idea. If the yo-yo hadn't become stuck in the desk, Bond would be collecting his fingers in his hat (note that the blades are still spinning as Bond grabs). (01:15:45)

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No Time to Die picture

Stupidity: After the fight in the woods Bonds walks back a long way, instead of driving the Toyota he had left in the forest in full working order.

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Suggested correction: The Toyota has had a major chase over very rough terrain, it may no longer be operable.

It was operating fine when they stopped it in the middle of the forest.

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Goldeneye picture

Stupidity: Why would 006 put Bond in a self destructing helicopter instead of just shooting him? Being Bond's old partner, he of all people should know how good of an escape artist Bond is.

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Dr. No picture

Stupidity: Bond has been shot at and hunted down by armed men and dogs. He must conclude his life is in danger, and yet after Bond despatches the armed man in the creek who is carrying a British Sten submachine gun, he fails to pickup the weapon which has far superior firepower to his small calibre hand gun. Had he done, so he may well have saved Quarrel and avoided capture.

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Licence to Kill picture

Stupidity: At the start of the tanker chase Sanchez shoots at Bond. He manages to get in the cab and throw the driver out, who lands on Sanchez's car. Sanchez then gets in front of Bond and has the ideal opportunity to just shoot the cab up with his machine gun knowing Bond is driving, but he doesn't.

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Moonraker picture

Stupidity: After Corinne Dufour realises that Drax intends to have his dogs kill her, she inexplicably attempts to flee on foot, running right past the golf cart she arrived in. The golf cart would have given her more speed, range and protection, and would have been a much better choice for fleeing.

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You Only Live Twice picture

Stupidity: Bond had to take the elevator all the way down to the ground floor of Osato's office after opening the safe. The guards knew he was on the elevator. Why didn't they have several men ready to kill or apprehend Bond when he got off the elevator?


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Spectre picture

Stupidity: At the end of the plane chase Bond fails to finish off Hinx. Regardless whether he thinks he's dead or not, with a licence to kill he should have made sure.

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