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Casual Person

The Seven Crystal Balls: Part 1 - S3-E3

New this week Character mistake: When Sanders is finishing the translation, the last sentence that he writes down is "Over the mountains and beyond the sea", but the sentence shown on the paper is "les mois et les monts"; this is French for "The months and the mountains." The real translation for "Over the mountains and beyond the sea" is "Sur les montagnes et au-delĂ  de la mer." Even if the translation is carrying on from the previous line, a majority of the final sentence would still be incorrect in the translation.

18th Jul 2017

Despicable Me 3 (2017)

New this week Plot hole: After the car is destroyed, Gru is knocked unconscious and Dru enters Balthazar Bratt's robot to destroy the robot's core from the inside. Once Gru wakes up, Balthazar attempts to kill him with the robot's laser and Dru destroys the core causing the robot to collapse. Gru then yells out "Dru!" and runs over to the wreckage of the robot to try and find him. The problem with this is that since Gru was knocked unconscious before Dru entered the robot, and Gru knew nothing of Dru's plan to disable the robot's core, there is no way for him to know that Dru was inside the robot.

18th Jul 2017

T2 Trainspotting (2017)

T2 Trainspotting mistake picture

New this week Visible crew/equipment: When Renton is singing at the pub, he approaches Simon playing the piano to let him sing a line. In the shot before he places the microphone under Simon's mouth, Renton is shown moving the microphone away from his mouth, and a camera can be seen attached to the microphone, to film the shots from the perspective of the microphone.

New this month Revealing mistake: Throughout the opening credits, the shot is shown panning through a road. The exact same distinct cracks on the road can be seen repeated over and over as the shot pans along.

New this month Audio problem: When Cruise is dreaming about driving through the track at the start, he is heard exclaiming, but his lips remain shut throughout the race.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Cruise is talking about his dream to Lugnut, Mr. V8 arrives in scene and stops in front of Cruise, mere inches away from him, but when Cruise is saying he loves race season, Mr. V8 is suddenly several feet away from Cruise.

New this month Revealing mistake: When Mr. V8 is wondering what is the big deal about races, Coupe begins explaining to him why. She first says, "Let me tell you" and then says, "The racers are the best." As soon as she finishes saying "Let me tell you", there is a very visible blip in the animation when she begins saying "The racers are the best", showing that the animation in the speech was incomplete.

New this month Revealing mistake: When Coupe says, "It's show time", the screen fades to black so it can transition to the next scene. Throughout the shot, before fading to black, Lugnut's wing mirror can be seen towards the left of frame, showing a very light greyish colour reflection. Just as the scene fades to black, an error in the animation can be noticed, where the reflection in Lugnut's wing mirror suddenly flickers to a much darker grey.

New this month Revealing mistake: When Cruise and Lugnut are driving home after talking with Mr. V8 and Coupe, much of the scene is a shot of the two of them talking with each other and occasionally in the scene, the shot will cut to a closer angle of the two, with the shot focusing on either Cruise or Lugnut. Whenever the shot is on the closer angle, the resolution of the animation becomes blurrier. This could be because the closer angles are merely the same shot of the two, just zoomed in more, which would cause the resolution to decrease.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Cruise and Lugnut are driving home on the road, there are road markings shown on the road that are about a foot long, with quite a thick paint job, but when Cruise starts to speed away from Lugnut later in the scene, the road markings are suddenly much longer, with a much thinner paint job.

New this month Continuity mistake: After Cruise speeds away from Lugnut, Lugnut manages to catch up with him, who is still driving at fast speed. The shot cuts to an angle with them in centre of the frame and Cruise is suddenly driving at a much slower pace.

New this month Plot hole: Cruise leaves Lugnut to go buy he and Coupe some seats and mere seconds after leaving, Coupe appears in the scene and talks with Lugnut. Coupe asks if he has seen Cruise, but even if Cruise had already left to go buy tickets, Coupe would have already seen him when approaching Lugnut since she only arrived seconds after he left.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Wrangler says to Cruise that Coupe is going to watch him train, Cruise drops the race tickets he is holding in his wing mirror and they drop directly to the ground, but in the next shot, they are suddenly under Wrangler, instead of being positioned beside Cruise.

New this month Other mistake: When Wrangler is first seen, he is shown autographing tickets by driving over them. There is a tyre mark shown on the tickets when he first does it, but a few minutes later, when he autographs Cruise's tickets, there's no tyre mark on the tickets, even though he used the same method. Also, when Lugnut shows the tickets to the police car at the end, the tyre marks have now appeared.

New this month Continuity mistake: Lugnut picks up the race tickets that Cruise drops. He is first shown lowering the hook attached to his truck to the ground, but in the next shot, the tickets are suddenly inside the hook without the tickets being picked up by the crane.

New this month Audio problem: When Lugnut is driving to place the bet, he is heard singing to himself, but his lips do not move.

New this month Revealing mistake: Lugnut is driving to place and stops to look around to see where the race betting is. When he stops, it is apparent that there was no animation used to show him stopping, but really, the animation was just paused in attempt to give the illusion that he stopped.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Lugnut goes to place the bet, he lifts the bag of money from the hook in his truck and moves it towards the betting window, with the bag of money still inside the hook. In the next shot, the bag of money is suddenly on the window of the betting booth, no longer in the hook.

New this month Character mistake: When Cruise leaves to go deliver the package to the warehouse, Coupe says to Mr. V8, "Look at Cruise go. He'd make a great racer, wouldn't he?" Coupe is visibly looking annoyed when she is saying the line, as judged by the angry facial expression she is pulling, but there is no reason for he to be annoyed nor is she talking in an annoyed manner.

New this month Audio problem: When Wrangler goes to sabotage the Champ's fuel supply, he approaches the gasoline tank saying, "Once the Champ knocks back a quart of this go juice, I think he'll find his get up and go, is all gone." Wrangler can be seen in the shot when he says, "Once the Champ", but his lips do not move.