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Factual error: In the docking scene where Coop is trying to dock the service module to the partly damaged Endurance, the Endurance is spinning around its center axis. As the ship was damaged around the perimeter it would spin around its new center of mass, that would be off axis. The docking bay itself would revolve around this new axis, making alignment much harder.

Milan Korenica

Continuity mistake: In the final battle scene, day turns to night in a moment.

Revealing mistake: While Miss Hannigan is singing "Little Girls", she sees one of her foster girls as a lamp on a table. As the camera and scene continue down the hall, a foot can be seen in the background as the girl jumps off the table to be replaced with a real lamp.

Continuity mistake: When Larry and Nick Daley first enter the British Museum, Nick takes his beanie off twice, in consecutive shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry and Lloyd first arrive at the Ken Convention in El Paso, there is a shot of the building. Lloyd walks into the building, opening the door. In the reflection, a large light can be seen, as can some of the crew.


Continuity mistake: When the dwarves finally decide to leave Erebor and join the battle, they swing a giant gold pendulum into the blockade they all made earlier in the film, knocking it over to create a causeway, across which they all then run in a battle formation, straight into battle. However, just as they all exit the keep, the pendulum is on its downward swing back outside of the wall. In all following shots (from numerous different camera angles) the gold pendulum simply disappears. This is most notable in the shot taken directly in front of Thorin as the dwarves run towards the camera. The pendulum should be visible in the large hole in the wall behind them, but instead the hole is empty, with no pendulum to be seen.


New this month Factual error: Steven Rogers' dream scenes incorrectly display the order of his awards. CIB should be uppermost.

Revealing mistake: When the family and Paddington are approaching the fictional "Westbourne oak" tube station the real original sign for "Maida Vale" is in shot.

Factual error: The plane that returns some of the troops to the USA in the last scene is displaying the registration VH-HID - this is a current Australian aviation registration number, not a US plane.

Continuity mistake: As Cinderella and the prince are leaving the home, her stepmother is standing on the staircase watching them. In the close-up there is a sconce with three candles on the wall to the stepmother's right. In the long shot the sconce and candles have vanished.

Continuity mistake: When they come over the mountain, Moses looks out at the Red Sea and sees nothing on the horizon. When they get across, they can see the mountains where they crossed very easily - the area on other side has mountains similar to the ones they crossed, which should have been visible when first approaching.

New this month Factual error: When Laura Barns is counting down the final time and each number show up as a notification in the upper right hand corner, they should also show up under the Skype chat but instead, Laura's previous message remains.

Continuity mistake: In the first stage of her walk she can't heat water because she has a red gas canister, and the instructions she reads say she needs a white canister. She then buys a white canister at the next store, happy she can then heat her food. But then she is seen cooking with the red canister, which supposedly doesn't work.

Factual error: The airplane shown taking the young Maria and her husband from Vienna to Cologne is a Douglas DC-3, an American product which would not have been used in Germany at that time. The Fuhrer would not have permitted it! German airlines would have used the trimotor Ju 52.


Factual error: The film makes use of a real Broadway theater, the St. James, which is on West 44th St. When they leave the stage door, the actors are next to the Edison Hotel, which is on 47th St.

New this month Continuity mistake: After the house explodes, Toretto is looking at it sideways in a close up. When the screen switches to an overview, he is standing right in front of the house looking forward.

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