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Factual error: In 1999 when April is filming inside the research facility, you can see her video camera displaying Bluetooth, which wasn't available in cameras until 2002.

Continuity mistake: Not more than one to two hours after Wardaddy shaves his face clean in the German ladies' apartment, a closeup shot of him in the tank shows beard growth of 2-3 days.


Factual error: The detective played by Rory Kinnear is shown in 1951 typing a request for Alan Turing's military records. He changes a name with correcting fluid - unknown in the UK in 1951.

Continuity mistake: Fairly early in the movie, Margo comes to see Nick, who is upstairs in a bedroom. The press is outside clamoring, and Margo locks the deadbolt on the front door. After her talk with Nick, she's in a hurry, rushes downstairs and opens the door without unlocking the deadbolt.


Continuity mistake: When Taya is nursing their baby, Chris takes the baby from her and Taya zips up her jacket. In the next shot, her jacket is not zipped anymore.

Factual error: The movie is set in 1967. When the husband comes out of the neighbor's house he tells Mia to call 911. 911 was not used as the national emergency number until 1968 (the first ever call using it was February 16, 1968). California only adopted 911 in 1972.


Continuity mistake: Soon after Jane meets Stephen at the beginning of the film she writes her telephone number on a napkin. Later when he looks at the number it is written much more clearly.


Continuity mistake: After Manolo serenades Maria, when he falls from the balcony he loses his guitar and Maria catches it. Maria takes the guitar with her as he travels down the stairs to return it to him. After Joaquin proposes to Maria, the Rodríguez brothers barge in with a partly unconscious Manolo. When Manolo and Joaquin start arguing, Maria still has the guitar. However, after a soldier throws Joaquin his sword, one of the Rodríguez brothers suddenly has the guitar, and throws it to Manolo.

John Ohman

Revealing mistake: When Viggo pushes the car off the edge and it hits the ground, as it rolls you can see that the engine/transmission and drive shift have been removed.

Continuity mistake: When Penny prepares to lay down on the ice next to Judd, the back of her sweater is already wet from previous takes.

Continuity mistake: When the family turn off the museum electrical system and then run away, their shoes are dry and do not leave wet footprints on the floor. Only when Millicent checks the electrics do the footprints appear.

Liam D

New this month Other mistake: After Merlin lands the plane and the team is greeted by two guards, their SCAR rifles are unloaded. There are no magazines inside.

New this week Audio problem: After Christian and Ana have been on the glider, Christian answers his phone. When he has finished on the phone he takes it away from his ear. You can hear it lock but he hasn't pressed the lock button.


Factual error: In the scene where James Brown receives a new Cadillac from his manager, the scene is marked by a 1965 timeline header, but the Cadillac is actually a 1967 model.

Continuity mistake: After getting the barbed wire noose around the bad guy's neck, you see Robert push bags down to pull the bad guy up. When his friends find him strung up, the bags are gone.

Continuity mistake: The Judge and son are sitting on the porch. The Judge is drinking, one glass, one bottle, then the son has a glass in his hand to have a drink too.

New this week Other mistake: When Fred pauses the TV in his mansion, to show the gang Alistair Krei, the news bulletin is still scrolling, whereas the picture of Krei is stationary.

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