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Plot hole: If the team blows up the rest of the money, how did anyone know that $10,000,000 was missing?

Revealing mistake: When Cap is driving the blue Chevrolet Silverado with Black Widow, the gear shift is in the up locked position, not lower on the column, indicating the truck was towed in the scene.

Continuity mistake: During the battle with Green Goblin, when Gwen Stacy is falling through the clock tower, there are many gears and other pieces falling with her. None of these are there when she and Spidey are at the bottom.


Continuity mistake: When Emmet goes to buy overpriced coffee, Larry the Barista says "That's 37 bucks." In the background, you can see a woman in a Fabuland T-shirt is right next to the window. When Emmet replies "Awesome!" she has moved a (Lego) metre forward and someone is opposite her.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the family is talking in the kitchen while Colton is drawing a picture. The picture he is drawing changes suddenly as well as the color of the crayon in Colton's hand during a split second shift to another character and back to Colton.

New this month Plot hole: Once the countdown to release the poison has been stopped, The Shredder cuts the supports of the tower holding the poison container so that it will fall and release the poison by smashing open. The turtles attempt to support the tower, but in order to save April they fail and the tower falls anyway. Then the movie forgets that the poison exists. The act of the tower falling gets rolled into another action sequence and after it completely smashes to the ground, no poison. The turtles don't even mention it.

New this month Factual error: According to Genesis, the animals considered 'pure' shall be taken by the 7's onto the Ark, and the 'impure' shall be taken by 2's. In the movie there are 2 of every animal.

New this month Factual error: When Stallone and Grammar are going to see Galgo, they are supposed to be in Arizona. The car they are in has a European Union license plate.

New this month Continuity mistake: The plane Will is in when he goes to catch up with the others has its undercarriage extended in one shot and hidden in the next.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: Miss Piggy plans to marry Kermit, unaware that the frog is actually Constantine posing as Kermit. The church bells chime 3:00 but a few minutes later when he is standing at the altar, Constantine checks his watch and the time shown is 1:20.

New this month Continuity mistake: In the very beginning Nicolas Cage is picking up his daughter. You see him standing outside his black Cadillac as she walks up. As they drive away we get an overhead view of the car driving away. If you look at the emblem on the trunk you can see it's an Infinity. The next time we see his car and throughout the rest of the movie it is the black Cadillac again.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Tris jumps into the net, in one shot her skirt is down, in the next it is up, showing gray shorts.

Other mistake: In the scene when Fingers and Lucky are going over the bank heist plan, Lucky is wearing a blue suit where the sleeves go all the way down to his hands, but in a close up when his hand and a bit of his arm are seen, but the sleeve is missing. It reappears in shots afterwards.

Michael James Lago

Continuity mistake: In the film Hiccup has a scar on his face which is made out to have been there since he was a little boy. But if you watch the first movie, he only has a faint mark in some scenes, such as the scene after when he was looking out the blacksmith window gazing at Astrid.

Lucas McLagan

New this month Continuity mistake: Hercules is bitten on his right shoulder by wolves towards the end. As they escape the dungeon the bites can been seen on that shoulder throughout. But as soon as they escape the bites are no longer there.

New this month Continuity mistake: When the ship enters the atmosphere at the end of the film its wings untwist as it descends, in most of the scenes afterwards and the hologram the ship's wings are still twisted, then later during the battle they untwist again.

New this month Factual error: Apes do not possess the physical capacity for human speech. Their vocal chords are simply incapable of it, no matter how intelligent they become.

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