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I couldn't help but think that Jennifer Lawrence's opening line here of "I never wanted any of this" could equally apply to her recent leaked photos, but any such thoughts are quickly pushed to one side as this fairly intensive trailer kicks off. It's been a while since I've read the books, but from memory Mockingjay gets fairly dark, with all the main characters being put through the wringer, and from the look of this they're not shying away from that at all.


I've not actually played Destiny yet, being a hardened PC gamer with a console gathering dust not to have bought it, but the internet being what it is, some ingeniuous soul has already put the dancing ability in it (seriously? Why can you dance in an FPS?) to use and has recreated the opening sequence from Guardians of the Galaxy, because why not...


Zack Snyder just tweeted out this picture in reference to swiftly-debunked claims that one of the new Batmobiles had been stolen. Nicely done...


Latino Review, seemingly prompted by the tweet below from someone flying around a former RAF airbase now being used as a Star Wars VII set, has managed to recruit a few pilots/drone pilots/superheroes to get some more pics. I'm glad the original spotter stuck the big red arrows on his photo, or I'd never have spotted them...

You can see a black/orange and white/blue X-Wing, together with half the Milennium Falcon, which presumably is because they're only filming that side of it, otherwise it'll be a bit breezy when it takes off*.

Original tweet and a couple of images below - check them all out at Latino Review.

* Yes, I know.


This is far, far funnier than it has any right to be...


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