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Same broad tone, but a few bits of new footage, including a threatening lightsaber-wielding by Kylo Ren...


A few new full-face character posters have just been released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not a huge amount of new info to be gleaned, and still no sign of Luke (despite a few bonkers theories positing that he's actually Kylo Ren (ahemnopecough)). All very gorgeous though. Excitement building...


Well, this made me all tingly. Doesn't entirely feel like a Star Wars trailer, but in a good way - hits a lot of the same notes but then a few different bits as well. Points of intrigue as well - surprised there's still no Luke, but he might be being kept as a semi-surprise for people (although that's got to be him stroking R2, right?). Loving the music too. CAN'T WAIT...


Despite a near-universal love for the Back to the Future movies, that sadly doesn't mean they're 100% perfect. And I don't just mean their inaccurate view of 2015 - still no hoverboard, but we do have smartphones. And while I don't have a fax machine in my toilet, I suppose I could if I wanted. I really don't want one. Anyway, in honour of finally catching up to Marty's arrival date, I thought it was time for a rundown of a few bloopers from the trilogy you might not have noticed before...


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