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Wed 27th Aug 2014

Marvel heroes

Knocked together a few of my favourites from The Art of Mike Mitchell, together with a minor change stolen from a thread on Reddit (Daredevil's superpowers don't extend to photographic awareness).


Very much looking forward to this. Brilliantly-delivered line at the very end, too.


Zack Snyder has just tweeted this black and white pic of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman, next to the new Batmobile - seems to fit the slightly world-weary look that had been hinted at thus far...


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released soon in the US (us foreigners have already had a chance to see it - short version, it improves on the original a lot). As such, this seemed like the perfect time to take a look at the bloopers from the original trilogy and a couple from the first film in the reboot. No doubt this new sequel will have a lot more, so keep your eyes peeled...


Wolverine's claws sound a little bit too "metal on metal" considering they're bone at this point, but I'm not complaining too much... :-)


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