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Not film related, but no harm in branching out for things funny enough to be worth a quick look...


Loved the first one, and this looks equally promising...


Numbers in words irritate me. By all rights the number should be pronounced in place of the letter it replaces, so I recommend asking for a ticket for "Takthreeen". Won't get you very far of course ("Sesevenen" gets me weird looks every time I say it, likewise once-popular boy band Fiveive). None of which will stop me going to see this, of course, because I'm a sucker for Liam Neeson doing damage to people.


Batman-obsessive that I am, this is bang in my wheelhouse - a compilation of themes from the 60s Batman, 80s/90s Batman, and 00s/10s Batman movies, performed on piano and cello, with guest appearances from all three cars. Elfman Batman wins, of course, because Elfman Batman wins everything. :-)


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