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General questions about movies, TV and more

This page is for general movie questions - if you've got a question about a specific film or TV show, please check the title-specific questions page first.Click the edit button below a question to answer it or amend the existing answer, if needed. Got a question about movies/TV shows that the IMDb or Google can't help with? Just click "submit something" in the navigation bar. I'll post it ASAP and hopefully someone will answer soon! Members get e-mailed when any of their questions are answered.

New this month Question: Does anyone know an animated cartoon movie of a boy or man who built a time traveling machine and travels through time, I can't recall the first place he visits to but from what I remember is that he travels way to the future and finds himself underground beneath a desert. I think there were aliens living there. He tries to escape from them and goes a little back in time to look for his future self, finally succeeding, then he goes back to his time. I think the first time I saw it was in 2004 or 2005.

New this month Question: I've heard and I'm sure I've read about a movie franchise where every movie was a remake of the first movie. Does anyone know of a franchise like this?

Question: There was a movie starring James Earl Jones. The movie takes place sometime in the '50s and he plays a man who shows another black man about racism by taking him to a corner market and when they both look inside, they watch a black woman buying something and the white store owner placing her change on the counter rather then giving it to her.

New this week Answer: This might be the 1994 movie, "The Road to Freedom: The Vernon Johns Story.


New this month Question: Saw this movie maybe sometime in the 90's. Some friends are going hiking through a forest and soon discover that they are being hunted by a supernatural creature. They eventually discover what the creature is and that the only way to destroy it, is to destroy the cave it comes from. While setting up explosives, one of the friends tries to get his other friend to leave with him, but the friend shows that he is turning into the monster so he stays behind so he can die when the bomb goes off.

New this month Question: There was a movie where a brother and sister were hiking in the woods and ended up getting lost. While trying to find their way home, the girl is bitten by a venomous snake. After an hour of walking, the girl is too weak from the snake bite to continue so her brother has to go alone, but promises to come back with help as soon as he finds it. While the girl is left alone, the spirit of a Native American appears and shows her a flower which he says she must eat the whole thing, but not to do any damage to it or she'll never recover.

Question: Don't know if this movie had Steve Martin in it, but, it was about a man who traveled to a city who I think was going to con its citizens out of their money. Eventually, he changes his mind and decides to collect money for a good cause. While doing this, the people of the community he's in find out what he really does and has him put in jail. The end of the movie shows that the money he collected he used to create a Little League baseball field for the kids to play at.

New this month Answer: My Blue Heaven stars Steve Martin. Martin plays a mob informant living in a suburban town under witness protection. There he commits petty crimes as well as a scam to raise money for a new ballpark. When his scam is found out, he acts quickly to actually have a ballpark built. In the end, he decides to go straight.


Question: I can't remember the name of this western I saw on TV. A woman was raped and her children and husband killed. She got this gunman to train her to shoot. I think the last name of the actress was Sears but not sure. It is a fairly new film.

New this month Answer: "6 Guns" (2010) starring Sage Mears, Barry Van Dyke and Greg Evigan.


New this month Question: I have a question about a movie that I've seen and forgot the name of it. It's about a girl who becomes friends with the neighbors' daughter but then wants to be her, so she kills her parents by setting their bedroom on fire. Turns out she's adopted and is actually their daughter but she's crazy. The mom ends up killing her. Not sure if it's a lifetime movie or made for TV movie. It was a thriller and I know she kills her parents by using gasoline and a cigarette just to move into the neighbors' to try and become the lady's daughter.

Question: I saw a movie, probably in the 80s, that I thought starred Christopher Reeve and Sissy Spacek. He returned from the civil war as her husband, but it was questionable whether it really was - his shoe size was different, etc. In the end he was hanged. Can't find a movie with both Reeve and Spacek so maybe it was somebody else, esp. In the female role. Any ideas what movie this might be?

New this month Answer: The film is "Sommersby". It starred Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. It was a remake of "The Return of Martin Guerre" which starred Gerard Depardieu.

Question: Need help knowing the name of a book. According to the plot summary on the back, there is a kid from the very distant future with the last name of Pineapplefour. In his timeline, time travel is possible and his classmates can use a time machine to travel into the past. However, they remain invisible when in the past and must obey one simple rule. While in the past, they are not permitted to touch anything out of fear that it could seriously alter the future. Instead of being sent to some historical era like Ancient Rome, he ends up in a girls bathroom of a high school in the eighties and can even be seen. Now his people from the future have to find a way to return him home or risk possible destruction of the future.

Answer: Jumpman, by James Valentine. The character's name is Theodore Pine Four, and the book's tag line is, "Rule #1: Don't Touch Anything."

Question: There is a scene in a movie, possibly a Martin Scorsese movie, where there is a stage. On that stage is a magic show, with what looks like belly dancers or just his assistants. I think it takes place in a casino, but I'm unsure if it is the movie "Casino".

Answer: It is Casino.

Question: A few years ago I watched a made for TV movie about a college aged boy who finds his birth mother's family and terrorizes them. The daughter of the family had long dark hair, the family did not know the mother had a son.

Question: Made for TV movie I believe, the main character is a college age boy who happens upon a family (Father, mother, teen daughter) but the mother is actually his who gave him up for adoption years earlier. The boy goes crazy and kills the dad in the end the sister has him caught. Seems like it would be early 2000's.

Question: There was a movie with Dabney Coleman. In this movie, he plays a man who had no knowledge that he was switched at birth. Because of this, he grows up and becomes a cop who is told one day, that he's only got 48 hours to live so he tries getting himself killed to make it quicker.

Answer: He wasn't switched at birth. He's a cop and he's about to retire when his test results get mixed up with someone else's and he's told he's got two weeks to live, but his insurance only pays if he gets killed in the line of duty, so he's trying to get killed on the job to pay for his son to go to Harvard. It's called "Short Time." (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100604/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1).

Question: There was a movie about a woman who was caught cheating on her fiancé. In one scene in the movie, she is waiting for an elevator. While waiting for it, she notices a guy walking past her and when the elevator doors open, she doesn't realize that the elevator is not on her floor and when she walks forward, she falls to the ground floor. The woman suffers from a head injury and after this, she begins seducing men and sexually assaults a woman, but is eventually caught by two coworkers and her fiancé with a new boss.

Question: There was a movie starring John Cusack. In the movie, John is driving home when a black bag from an armored truck falls into the backseat of his car. When he gets home and opens it, he discovers that there is a lot of money in it. Later in the movie, he is reading a newspaper and is shocked to discover the front page news is about how the money was stolen from the armored truck.

Answer: That film is titled "Money for Nothing" (1993).

Michael Albert

Question: There was a game for the video game console, Sega Saturn. It takes place in a mansion located in the afterlife. All of the inhabitants are dead and they take the forms of butterflies. The player, along with one of the inhabitants, is looking into mysterious things that are occurring such as one inhabitant being destroyed which leads them to discover that one of the other inhabitants is working with an evil entity. One of the items that the player is given is a deck of tarot cards that represents each of the other inhabitants.

Question: Name of film in which a wife is cheating on her husband, who pretends to be deaf. Her lover has doubts about his deafness and fires a gun next to his ear, and the husband does not flinch.

Question: There was a movie that I believe starred the late Bill Bixby. The movie was about a man who had son and the man married a woman who had a daughter. His son and his new wife's daughter fall in love with each other and one night after coming home he catches them both asleep in his son's bedroom.

Answer: The film you are referring to is a 1986 TV movie called "Sin of Innocence".


Question: Looking for a 90's movie about a evil clown, not the movie IT. I just remember it was the scariest thing I had ever seen on television when I was a kid, and It also had to do with the clown appearing in different places to scare people.

Answer: Might be Killer Klowns from Outer Space. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095444/combined.

Grumpy Scot
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