Grimm (2011)

15 mistakes

The Son Also Rises - S6-E8

Continuity mistake: When Nick goes to see Juliette/Eve, she's in a coma and unable to move and her hand and fingers are lying flat against her belly. In the wide shot of her, her hand is turned and her fingers are somewhat on top of each other, instead of lying flat. It goes back to lying flat in the next shot of her.


The Taming of the Wu - S5-E19

Continuity mistake: When Monroe plays back the video of Wu, Wu tilts his head over after he drops his hand. However, in the original scene Wu never moves his head.


A Reptile Dysfunction - S5-E8

Continuity mistake: When the couple is in the boat when the creature appears, the woman is taking a picture and holding her phone in her left hand, she turns around and her left hand is raised and her right hand is on the boat edge. When the camera angle changes, her left hand is now on the boat and her right hand is lowered and holding the phone (confirmed when the camera angle changes again and she's in the same position, holding the phone in her right hand).


Death Do Us Part - S4-E11

Character mistake: Raymond refers to his equipment as EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), except it is labelled as EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation).


Nameless - S2-E16

Factual error: The assassin sent to kill Captain Renard carries a French passport which lists his place of birth as "Marseilles". This is an old-fashioned spelling of the name now almost only seen in North America. The French spelling is and always has been "Marseille".


Clear and Wesen Danger - S5-E2

Character mistake: When Adalind gets worried about what her son will become she asks if he might be "A Hexengrimm or Gimmabiest." Since he is male the correct reference would have been a Zaubergrimm.

Blood Magic - S6-E10

Visible crew/equipment: When Nick finds Eve in the basement, the red tape mark used for Eve is visible on the floor in front of the column once Nick reaches the bottom of the stairs.


Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - S2-E22

Factual error: There is a copy of a Czech passport shown when Renard reads the files sent from Paris. There is a typo in the place of birth which reads "Brastilava" instead of "Bratislava" (capital of Slovakia). Interestingly enough the name of the city is also spelt correctly on the passport just below, where it refers to the place of issue.

Natural Born Wesen - S2-E14

Factual error: Rosalee shows an old letter allowing her to contact the "Wesen Council" ; the letter is that of a law firm (Advocatenkantoor) in Amsterdam and the Hague. On the top of the letter instead of the correct inscription "Den Haag" we find "DeHaag" which is incorrect.

Map of the Seven Knights - S5-E10

Factual error: The Czech crime database (which appears to be an official Czech database) is headed 'Czechoslovakia'. Czechoslovakia has not existed since the Czech Republic and Slovakia separated in 1993 and neither country uses the term any more.


Leave It to Beavers - S1-E19

Factual error: It is stated that is Mannheim, Germany but the picture is of the Market Church in Hannover, Germany.

John Armour

The Good Soldier - S3-E11

Factual error: Frankie's official military record shows her rank and grade as Specialist E-3. E-3 is a Private First Class. A Specialist is E-4.


Twelve Days of Krampus - S3-E8

Visible crew/equipment: During a fight scene between Nick and the Krampus you can see a man running out of the shot. This is the part of the fight just after the kids are being lowered from the tree.

Key Move - S5-E11

Continuity mistake: When Marwan Hanano stops the basketball with his foot, his feet are facing the court, so his left foot is almost perpendicular to the concrete strip. In the next shot, with his right foot still on the ball, his left foot changes position, so it's nearly parallel with the concrete strip.


Show generally

Continuity mistake: (Episode 4: Lonely hearts) The woman's body changes position after being hit by the car in the beginning. As the body stops tumbling after the hit, she ends up laying next to the bridge railing, along side it, in the next shot her body lays in the middle of the driving lane, feet toward the mid-line and head towards the railing.